Making my First Website in 2 Days!
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Making my First Website in 2 Days!

so last week I made a game in only one day now the plan is to turn this into a mobile game and release it for Android and Apple but releasing it for Apple I would need a website which I don’t have so originally I was only going to release it for Android but then hosting or comm hit me up and they were like hey do you need a website and I was like yes I might need a website and just like that I now had a web hosting and the main name provided by hosting her the only thing missing now is the actual website haven’t made a website before so I need to learn HTML CSS and everything else that I need to make a website in only two days that is the plan but before we get started this video is sponsored by the cool people over at hosting or com if you ever wanted to make a website whether you are experienced or you have no experience and have no idea what you’re doing kind of like me then hosting your column is a great option they will basically handle all of the boring back-end stuff for you so you can focus on only building your website it’s very easy to set up it’s very quick and super affordable and if you’re not into coding and you want to make a website without coding then they have a great website builder tool which you can build a website with without any coding knowledge at all which is pretty cool so basically a toddler can’t make a website with this tool probably I don’t know I’m not a toddler but I’m sure I tell her could do it it’s great it’s good stuff so head on over to hosting or doc calm slash Danny and use code Danny for a 15% off and not supposed to give my personal opinion but that’s a pretty good price it’s currently Monday morning and my goal is to finish the website on Tuesday I could use hosting hers website builder or something similar like WordPress to finish a website in probably minutes but I want more of a challenge so first off I need to learn about HTML CSS and whatever else I’m going to need to make a websites the first thing I did was download sublime text because that’s apparently the go-to editor for HTML but later I realized this was a tutorial from 2013 and I could have just used visual studio code then I set up xampp samp salt i don’t know but i set it up so I could build a website locally and just like that we got our first hello world working fantastic then my website just got uglier and uglier until I realized this tutorial series is from 2013 damn so I took a small break got some quick workout done with my mates have some food and got right back to work we have now upgraded to visual studio code and a tutorial series that is not from the Stone Age yay this one was actually really good and there is a link to it in the description down below so I learned more about basic HTML and CSS and eventually ended up with this monstrosity but we all gotta start somewhere it’s now 7 p.m. and I’ve finished a tutorial series and I’ve been learning HTML and CSS for about 8 hours now so I think it’s time to get started on my very own websites first I figured out how to import fonts so I could use the free Google font Roboto which is a great font I’m going for a minimalistic website style meaning there will be very few elements and colors which should make my job a bit easier that being said doing a good minimalistic design can actually be really hard even though there are a few elements you need to make those really stand out and work together which is what makes these types of designs so tough but it’s now 10:00 p.m. and here’s the result so far we have some cheeky navigation buttons going on and they don’t really do anything yet and a very boring homepage that I will spice up tomorrow and of course we gotta have this little copyright thing in the bottom corner I don’t know why but it looks cool so let’s just put it there and let’s be real here no one actually uses that for copyright reasons we use it because it looks sick as but that’s it for today I’m gonna go hit the sack and continue tomorrow morning it’s 9:00 a.m. in the morning a little later than I wanted to but we’re gonna get right to work I want to make the homepage better looking since it’s the first thing anyone will see when visiting the sites so I started coding the layouts I wanted and eventually landed on this design so here’s what we got so far so I think I’ve managed to keep the simplicity that I wanted with the websites you can see we have sort of like a gradient background which I quickly made in Photoshop and then just a very short simplistic description of what I do then if you hit the learn more button it takes you down here and it kind of tells you a bit about me and then you can get games videos or contact but they don’t work yet but this is the basic idea so now we just need to implement the other pages [Music] so I’m about to go get some lunch but here’s what we got so far so basically if you go ahead and click on games you can kind of see the games that I have so far and if you click one of them it will open up a new tab and it will take you to that particular game so that’s pretty cool ah yeah I think we’re looking good so far with the games page in place I had a very quick lunch and got back to work on the contact page not a contact page should be fairly simple to make as it’s just gonna use some icons I already made a similar layout for the games page so I can just kind of recycle that one but use icons instead so it’s a little over 4 p.m. and I’ve almost finished off the contact page it’s looking decent the only thing that takes time is that I have to make sure that the responsive design is working because as you can tell once I kind of drag it in it just kind of becomes weird so I think that’s what I’m spending the most time with right now but hopefully I’ll be able to finish in time I managed to make it work better for mobiles but the clock is now 5:00 p.m. and I have to pick up my brother at the airport so hopefully I’ll be back in time to finish the website before the day is over finally back from the airport it’s currently 7 p.m. which means we have about three hours to go so first off I made some small tweaks to a couple of things around the page and it’s looking pretty good so far I think I’m ready to start working on the videos page which is the only empty page left this one was a bit more trickier than I initially thought as the videos didn’t really want to fit at first and some of the layouts just got really weird but eventually I managed to fix it all up and the video section is now up and going so as you can see we have pretty much everything I want it now also scales very well with pretty much everything so if we go to the smallest size you can see everything kind of scales down and it should all be fitting into the page we now also have a proper games tab which is scaled a video tab which shows some of my most popular videos and also of course the contacts tab so the only thing we need to do now is actually get the website onto the internet that would be great because that’s the whole point of me websites so we have about 30 minutes left and the only thing we need to do now is actually get the website on the web I have no idea if this is a long or short process but hopefully it doesn’t take very long so I logged into hosting or comm and we can see a list of things that I should probably do but it was much easier than I thought and I pretty much only had to hit this set of buttons for it to work which only took like five minutes then I uploaded my files and just like that my web site is now online you can see it working on my PC right here and also for my phone though it’s a bit tricky on the phone because some of the layouts don’t quite work but I’ll probably get to that later on so there we go we managed to learn the very basics of HTML and CSS and set up a cool first website in only two days of course there are still a lot of things to learn and the website is far from perfect but I think it’s a great start and it was a bit easier than I first thought so if you want to set up your own website make sure to visit hosting or comm slash Dani and use code Dani for a 15% discounts if you’ve ever hesitated because it looks hard to make a website you really shouldn’t worry as it’s much easier to learn than you might think again I’ve included a tutorial series down below in the description but if you don’t want a code you can easily do so by using hosting or website builder or something like WordPress which requires pretty much no coding knowledge but that’s going to be all for me make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next part of this video where I will actually be making the mobile game also speaking of making games me break is psycho tube rails black thorn prod and many more are hosting a game jam which you can check out with the link in the description down below if you want to try your hand at making a game in one week you should definitely join in on the fun me and many other unity youtubers will be participating and I think it’s going to be one of the most awesome game jams ever so make sure to check it out with the link in the description down below and sign up today sounds and music just focus on having a ton of fun this Jam is organized by some of the top and game dev channels on YouTube with the goal of bringing the entire game dev community together the challenge is to make a whole game in just one week and it’s coming up on the last week of August 2019 other than that I want to thank my patreon supporters for their amazing support I really appreciate it especially so paternal but of course everyone else too and that being said thanks for watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you


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