• Francisco Javier Sanz

    It would be great if you could do a summary of the webinar! I want to watch webinars.. but I don't have 44mins to invest on them! 🙁

  • James Freeman

    Most Google employs use Macs, they aren't allowed to use Windows without good reason, so they can only use Mac, Linux, or Chrome, Chrome isn't suitable for a lot of what they do though

  • Emily Soldal

    This is false. The reason why googlers prefer macs for laptops is that they are relatively painless to use when you are running between meetings etc.

  • nil0bject

    Windows machines are banned at Google because of the many security issues they have experienced with Windows. It's a not a secure OS. The US government pays Microsoft to put holes in it, so they can hack the Chinese. However, the Chinese just hacked the US back and google was in the middle. Windows IS NOT SECURE. If you use it, do not store personal information on it.

  • Mr. Ahmed Alhashem

    way Google use apple Davies I think the Apple products is best than Google like Android the. way not use the links or Microsoft Os the Microsoft Os 85% in worldwide, The Shem in google lap use

  • Oliver Baker

    It is because most viruses are targeted for Microsoft Operating Systems. And after the IE Hacking of their China Site (By Chinese Officials) they finally decided to restrict Employees to either a Linux or Apple OS (Both are UNIX operating Systems) clearly in some respect Google finds UNIX based operating systems more secure than Microsoft based systems.
    I am a Microsoft User! Yes I can be unbiased about products which I do not enjoy using.

  • Prof. Manuel Ignacio Cordero Tejeiros

    Rivalry between Google and Apple
    She is employee of Google
    She is using products Apple
    Life has no meaning

  • motherfackingsob

    everything seems pretty easy until the aria attributes. I swear, one day I'll understand when and where to use them (>_<)

  • William Bedard

    Great job delivering some pretty "dense" content in a clear and articulate manner. It's nice to see great presentations like this from some of the less "sexy" groups within Google. Keep up the good work…:>)

  • Oliver Baker

    That is cool (And I'll take you at your word) and you may have a personal preference. However you would also be aware of the business motive behind choosing UNIX systems yes?
    Although if I had a choice between Linux and Apple I would choose Apple since it is bigger in the consumer space than Linux. Although I still love my Windows.
    If I might ask then, What do you do at Google?

  • Emily Soldal

    I'm a Software Engineer on the G+ team 🙂

    We have our own operating system, Goobuntu, there is a presentation for it at: yGIGmve78Yg

  • Oliver Baker

    Hmm, so the legends of Female Software Engineers is true ;D

    I am well on my path towards a PhD and hoping to join a development or research team in Microsoft or Google. (Google is awesome but I enjoy working with Microsoft technologies a bit more) Unfortunately both options require moving out of New Zealand, and I am not terribly fond of America's unstable politics. (Although I know Google has engineering jobs in Australia)

  • saurabh dutt

    Great article….!!!Nice to know about new things with helping concept. I am almost brand new to blogging and really like your post, it is really on target! Thanks for all of your time & work. Hope you always write this blog.
    Thank you,
    The given information is very effective.
    I’ll keep update with the same.

  • Andrew Barrows

    Very helpful and much appreciated! Keep up the great work and I hope Google does more of these types of presentations.

  • wihlke

    Yeah, lets focus on her gender and looks, guys! -.-
    This video is a great lesson in accessible web and web in general. Keeping the DOM clean and precise.

  • Ling talfi

    Excellent! But, on slide 15/36 (@22:48), when the dialog opens, the screen reader doesn't actually read the dialog text: "Are you sure you can afford it". Then how does a blind person get aware of that text? Is that something that developers should do, or ?

  • TheChoofamily

    Great intro to making websites accessible for someone who is new to this. Presented very clearly with examples. Very well done. Thank you!

  • StPeteDesign

    Great video. Full of great information. I learned a lot and would love to talk to you or somebody from your company about Web Accessibility For WordPress Developers. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • sardar shankar

    great webinar! I completely enjoyed it! imagin if chromevox can allone work with such perfection what about the famous screenreaders with proper coding? can some one tell me where can I find this kind of videos together is there a playlist created for this? I can't find on the channel. can some one share it here

  • Jason Champion

    So, one thing I noticed, is that it did not mention the top-most item in the Add To Circles dialog. It highlighted the "Friends" checkbox, but did not tell the user what item was currently selected. It only began reading the checkbox items after tabbing. How could that be fixed?

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