Make the internet gay again: FULL GLAM first website EASY!
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Make the internet gay again: FULL GLAM first website EASY!

Hey nerdy girls, I’m Anna Lytical, and let’s
code. For our first project, we’re going to build
a drag queen website, and we will make it glamorous. Why don’t you come and join me on my computer
over here. To get started, you’re going to need a text
editor. I recommend sublime, and I’ve already downloaded
it, but I’ll put a link in the description below. So let’s go ahead and open it. What’s great about a text editor is all the
autocompletion. With programming, you’re jumping into a whole
new language, and the more you can let the computer do the work for you the better. Even as a pro, I try to use as much autocomplete
as possible. In order to take advantage of all that autocompletion
functionality, we need to tell Sublime that our file is going to be a website file. Website files are going to end in dot HTML
typically. We can call ours website.html, but this is
a drag website, so maybe something like sickening website dot HTML. Lets just save this on my desktop. So what does HTML actually look like? HTML consists of lots of opening tags and
closing tags and some fun stuff in between. Opening and closing tags both start and end
with angle braces (


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