Make Premium Websites with best domain names and email services for free.(No need of Wix or blogger)
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Make Premium Websites with best domain names and email services for free.(No need of Wix or blogger)

in today’s world we all need a website but putting our message and probably for spreading of business or maybe our ideas too but the website cost money as you may all know that you have to pay for a domain name and hosting your website up the regular into work and quite a lot of us are not willing to spend money for one reason or the other maybe that one cannot afford it or think we don’t want to risk want money on different aspects of your left side there are also free website making services but definitely don’t feel professional and the three domains / then just don’t make any sense instead it advertiser’s with companies only so today i will be showing you step-by-step how to easily and fast create free website which looks much more professional than all the websites offered by other reason which is like 60 really except for and no credit or debit card details are needed also it is hundred percent leader hey guys my name is Alicia Farr and you’re watching TV is that started tutorials first you need to register on a website called clean up and get a free domain name from it the domain names sound like ER doc DK you got it dark VFX spectra which are much more professional than any of those three domains / Vic’s or really like website here’s how to do it first up I’m loved into freedom comment i’m going to register a new domain type in your domain name here and click check availability here i’m going to be collecting together dot da next we are going to be upon checkout now here we are going to select the time interval for which we want to fill me after this time interval partners you have to the new your domain for free now sign into your Google ethical the ball with these information and click on complete order after this all done you can just go to my domain and upon managed to make that’s it for now now I don’t want to got in for free hostings away which is quite enough for a new essay now here you have to claim your free hosting after you get the little things with you have to connect the domain with your hosting account for this you have to change the name to the list of the domain name in your steam account to the intelligence of your hosting the car here is how to do it I’m not going to hosting garden and i’m going to be keeping on order here this is the free plan here check out now but first you have to every with their down and then click on computer after that click on setup now you to type in your domain name that you registered on genome and type in a password and select whatever and click setup now we are going your whole thing here you have to click on your whole thing and click on manic now click on details there you will find before name forward go to be now and click on management tools and came to work here you have to select use custom name servers and copies one with your index finger to be one industry now replaced all the and content intelligence let’s check if they have been thrown off we can see that they have been successfully k now i’m going to go to her finger and go to home you’re going whole thing and pick on our account and click manage that’s it for now once it’s done your website will be ready if some error occurred then try to delete the finger free hosting and create new one and twenty minutes forward to the new one now we will install WordPress to our website for a cool-looking dog and for the easiness of wordpress for this head over to your hosting dashboard and go to auto installer and install WordPress clip once it’s done now you can log into your WordPress account by typing the water which you can see on the screen right now here is how this is done now i’m in hosting garden if this red better of course and click reload and it never will go now what are we going to do is go to auto installer here start wordpress and collected after that we are going to install it click on him to talk now I forgot to type in the password you can start again now we have to reload it after some time so I’m going to be loading it now what we are going to do is see details of our work but login account and username all that tears are here now let’s just go to our WordPress admin account for this you have to type in your website URL / the loopy hyphen admin and you will get your admin account page open up now type in your username and password and click log in’ so now we are in our dashboard which is the wordpress dashboard we have to set of all this it’s very simple you can do that now i’m going to be making a new both or actually i’m just going to be anything be four or so here is we have the word both i’m going to be changing the title to be artists and he began to hello world this is just for testing purpose now we’re gonna bake now we are going to visit our website so this is our website alright and this is our both which we cleared it right now so I right-sided quite ready you can easily cleared for from here this is how you can create a completely free website for your business or blog which is hundred percent legal once your website becomes big enough then you can buy a new domain and hosting for ways to cope up with the audience i hope you enjoyed this video and for more such videos don’t forget to hit that like and to start button right below the video i’ll see you in my next video


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