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Make Money with Photography Marketing – WEB HOSTING

How to make money as a photographer? Last week we started off series of episodes where we discuss photography marketing
with great detail and tips. That’s right my friends. It’s a money Monday episode
number 2. My name is Zdenka Darula I work as a
photographer for many years. I’m a former model and few other things. Well what are
we going to be talking about today? These days it is a must to have a website. You
know you want it, you know you need it. You know that you want to have your
photos online presented in a very nice way. Or you have website for a very long
time like me for example and it would like to change template a bit or switch
to a different hosting company altogether. And since there are so many
companies out there online, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Well don’t worry
because I’ve done the dirty work for you. I went online and I looked what’s
popular out there these days, what works and what doesn’t. I mainly looked at web
hosting companies and templates which you can manage on your own
because when you’re starting as a new photographer your budget will be tight.
Once your business takes over and you’re doing great then you might hire some
help for that. Also it never hurts to be able to change something on the fly like
your photos in your portfolio. It’s a very good skill to have. So here are top
companies worth checking out in random order. Wix. This company is geared mainly towards photographers. You can choose from more than 40 different types of
galleries display. If you want certain galleries to remain private and have
your clients to log in to see their images Wix can certainly provide that.
You can try it out for free and then choose appropriate package for your
needs. BOLDGRID. It is a WordPress builder
which is mainly known for blogging. You don’t need to be a web designer to be
able to customize your website and change it around the way you need. It is
very simple to use. You can try it out for free as well. JIMDO. Their simple templates and
designs focus on showcasing photographers work well. You are able to
customize templates with changing building blocks. You can drag and drop
photos to their galleries. SQUARESPACE. Known for their customer service. If you have trouble with designing your website their team will gladly help you out. Has
great blogging functions and has calendar tool for those artists which
hold shows. Your clients can RSVP directly on your web site. If you are planning on selling prints
and online merchandise, here are web hosting companies which will help you
just with that. WEEBLY. It’s a drag-and-drop builder so again
very easy to use. The designs are very eye-catching and elegant. Weebly is
mainly known and very widely used for e-commerce tools so you can sell your
own prints. PIXPA. If you want to do everything in
one place like showcasing your portfolio, have a proofing gallery for your clients
and have an online store, then you might try this provider. Your clients will be
able to purchase photo downloads, prints and any other products you might want to
offer. Their platform automatically imports IPTC data as image captions so
you have a better chance of your photos being seen. ZENFOLIO. Simple design and
unlimited storage. You don’t have to worry you’ll run out of space. They also
have private galleries option for your clients. They are linked to print labs so
you can certainly sell photos here as well. SMUGMUG. Is an ideal tool for new
photographers starting out as well as for experienced photographers. You can
customize galleries and have great support team so if you need help with
anything you can reach them 24/7. Also links to print labs to sell your
photos. Well check out these web hosting
companies really well, take your time. Make a very good decision because you
know it’s gonna be your main business tool and it will stay with you for a
very long time. By the way the links to those web hosting companies you’ll find
in a video description below this video. Thank you for watching money Monday,
photography marketing. If you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe
for all future videos. Let me know what web hosting companies you are
planning on using or you are already using and what experience you have with
it in the comment section below. If you have any questions or comments or
simply want to say hello, please do so there as well you know I read all of it
and I will respond. Thank you so much again and I’ll see you next time. Cau…. Ahoj…


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