Make Money with Photography Marketing Business Cards
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Make Money with Photography Marketing Business Cards

How to make money as a photographer? In last two episodes we discussed email marketing and web hosting companies for photography business. What are we gonna be talking about in today’s episode? That’s right. It’s money Monday, episode number 3. My name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a
photographer for many, many, many years. I’m a farmer model and a few other
things. Do you know the feeling when you have a conversation with somebody. It’s
going great, you’re talking talking talking and suddenly the person asks you.
Do you have a business card? Well, either you forgot one or you didn’t have one or
you simply didn’t even make one yet. Do photographers even need business cards
these days? Yes, absolutely and I have them everywhere. I have them in my wallet, in my purse, in my camera bag on the shelf, even in the
car, everywhere. Well before I introduce you to online printing companies, let me
get through all the tips first. Should you go with one-page, foldable, double
side, one side, small or big? I know it can be sometimes tricky to
design business cards. Well I decided to go with all my contact information on
one side and my best photos on the back of the cart right here. It’s basically a
mini portfolio on the go. Usually, when I’m talking to somebody and I’m giving
them the business card I first look at my contact they flip over and once they
have the visual they see the photos, they usually start asking me more questions
on the type of services I’m doing, the type of photography I’m offering, then
sometimes we talk about pricing as well, all the packages and it gives me
definitely better chance to make a sale. And you can totally do what I’m doing, or
you don’t have to. It’s totally up to you. For me I rather have this mini portfolio
on the back, rather than just contact information upfront and maybe just my
photo. I have seen many business cards with a very busy background and you know
it is very distracting from the font. I don’t suggest it. Keep it very simple. One
color is actually the best as a background. Then when it comes to font,
you know a lot of people are wearing glasses. If you keep the fonts very small,
they’re not gonna be able to read it, so and I actually my font is pretty small
as well. So keep it big and bold. All they want to see is
your phone number, email address and website address. That’s all they want.
Simply said, don’t concentrate on a very difficult design. Keep it very simple,
especially when you are starting out. Let your photos speak. Make that contact. Get the new clients you want. People just really want to see your name, your email,
phone number, website addresses that’s what they really care about. Once you build your
brand, once you build your name and you’re known, then you can make some very fancy business card. One very practical advice. Don’t print too many business
cards. I’m so guilty, guilty as charged. I was working on trade shows so I
printed too many. Now I’m stuck with them. So when you are creating your business
cards, maybe you realize that something is not working on them very well, you
might want to change photos and such and such, so just print few at the
beginning. When you give them out, give 2, never 1. I always smile and say, one for
you and one for your friend. I had many referred clients to me that
way. Also when I’m sending out packages with photos or the final products to my
clients, I always make sure there are two cards, never one. So what are currently
popular printing companies online? they’ve been around
forever. They have great pricing and tons of
options to choose from. if you are looking for just
basic cards and basic printing, they definitely can do that and they have
great pricing. jukebox they have everything from basic business
cards to higher-end business cards where you can find some very cool designs as
well. Elite it’s a higher end of business cards, they have a
very large selection of templates. you’ll find everything from
simple cards to a luxury ones and they offer a lot of designs. Well my friends, give those business
cards out. Give them out. They will definitely bring you some business there.
Let me know what printing company have you used in past and how happy you were
with it in the comment section below. Also if you have any questions or
comments or simply want to say hello please do so in that comment section
below as well. You know I read them all and I always respond. Thank you so much
and I’ll see you next week . Cau… Ahoj…


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