Make Money for Scanning Your Barcodes
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Make Money for Scanning Your Barcodes

what’s going on guys it’s John here so
one thing I always like to say is the easiest way to make money is by doing
the things you were gonna do anyways so let’s say today you were going for a
walk or maybe going on a drive or maybe to the park what if you got paid a few
extra bucks for it well in this video I’m gonna show you how to make some
extra money just for scanning the things you were gonna buy anyways so let’s say
that this week you’re going to the store to buy some deodorant some toothpaste
maybe some food or groceries earn some extra money just for scanning
those items so real quick guys if you’re brand new to my channel make sure you go
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guys how to earn some extra money online so if this way doesn’t work for you then
definitely check out some of my other videos cuz whether it’s using your
computer or just your smartphone you’re gonna learn how to start earning some
extra cash so let’s jump right into it guys the website we’re gonna take a look
at is called NPC excuse me I’m an NCP which is the National Consumer Panel and
so all you have to do is go ahead and go on Google type in NCP and its gonna be
the first link that pops up go ahead and click on that and you’re right in guys
so the way this is gonna work is you can create a free account right here and
once you sign up you become an NCP member and so what’s gonna happen is
literally all you have to do is start scanning your purchased products or even
things that you purchased already that are inside of your home scan those
products and you can start earning points for it and of course later on you
can redeem those points for real gift cards real actual products and gifts
like TVs smartwatches Playstations a ton of great items that you can start
earning from the National Consumer Panel just for scanning the things you were
gonna buy anyways so again guys it’s a real simple way to start earning some
extra money and so the way it basically works guys is again you’re going to be
scanning the items that you decided to purchase like toothpaste so what’s gonna
happen is you’re gonna download the NCP app once you download the NCP app it
gives you an option to go ahead and scan the barcode on your products or just
type in the barcode the number the number of the barcode type it into the
app and that way you can start logging it into the NCPD they’re gonna start
recording all your records everything that you purchase and for the most part
they’re doing this for themselves just to get a
better idea of what people like what people buy you know why they choose to
buy it so that’s exactly why they’re kind of doing this right here it’s not
really for like a scam or anything else it’s an actual you know website the NCP
they’re a real community of reorganization and so so all you have to
do is download the app and once you’re inside the app it has that barcode
option where you can start scanning the barcodes around your house or any new
thing that you buy it takes about an hour to go ahead and transfer over to
the NCP and actually have them give you your reward points again once you earn
enough reward point you’re gonna be earning some free gift cards with which
of course you could turn into cash and a ton of other great rewards that you can
choose from like again an Apple watch TVs they have a ton inside of here that
you could start earning and so again it’s completely free to sign up so not
only are you gonna earn points for the things that you’re buying already
anyways you’re also gonna be entered into sweepstakes and contests where you
could win real cash prizes and quarterly they have actually a twenty thousand
dollar cash prize giveaway just for being active just for you know scanning
your barcodes and entering and them inside of MCP and as you can see right
here they have weekly sweepstakes monthly quarterly and annually
sweepstakes and again their biggest one is the twenty thousand dollar giveaway
which they do quarterly so definitely start scanning products start reporting
them back to the NCP if you want to enter a chance to win $20,000 in cash
and the cool thing is that not only can you be entered in the sweepstakes for
just scanning your products and earning points you could also earn points and be
entered in sweepstakes for just doing surveys they have a surveys inside of
here for different products just to get your opinion just to see your thoughts
participating in these free surveys is gonna help you earn reward points a lot
quicker and also give you a better chance to enter the sweepstakes and
actually win some bigger prizes and on top of that they also do special case
studies where you could be invited to be part of a special study where they’re
obviously going to just interview ask you a couple questions giving you
another way to earn more points and again be entered into more sweepstakes
and giving you a bigger chance to win $20,000 in cash guys or more prizes like
that once you see on their website right here so definitely check out the NCP
guys if you guys want to earning some free cash just for the
things you were going to do anyways you were gonna buy them anyways why not scan
him real quickly it’s gonna take you about five seconds to use the app scan
them up and get start earning reward points for them so again guys all you
have to do is come on here click on become a member and you’re gonna fill
out the application where you’re just gonna give some basic info like name
email birthday to go ahead and sign up for free once you sign up you’re gonna
get access to your app where you can start scanning products and start
earning reward points now guys of course this isn’t a way to start earning big
checks in the mail or start earning some full-time income if you do want to start
learning how to start earning a full-time income from home how to start
making money while you sleep money while you’re on vacation then just click on
that first link inside my description and I’m gonna send over to you my number
one recommended online income stream so definitely check that out guys if you
want to start working from home and that’s it for this video guys I hope you
enjoyed I hope you got some value from it again go ahead and subscribe down
below guys I’m coming out with a ton of great videos showing you how to start
earning some extra cash from home so definitely subscribe don’t forget to
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