• Source Of Salvation

    This is an amazing video,
    But can you use this imported website like those one to make them as an ecommerce website when editing it??

    Anyway can you please try to make an ecommerce website in which we can allow the others sellers to register themselves and they can add there products on front end of our website and start sell??


  • Sartlle Powoer

    I would just like to thank you for all your help in helping making websites and sorta starting my small business. Your tutorials are amazing! We need more people as kind as genuine as you. Thank you!

  • md Monowar

    This is an informative and useful tutorial about how to make a WordPress website for small business. I have learned a lot. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Tony Lars

    Been looking to create a website for a new business I'm planning to start up but had no idea to go about it and this video was really helpful. Thanks so much for sharing this, was perfect for me!

  • Shotokan Tiger

    I like the minute details with which you described how to make a WordPress site for any small business. This will be very useful in setting up my own website, thanks a lot.

  • emjay2d

    Thanks a lot… I jumped into wordpress thinking it was as easy as they said it was… Well now it is thanks to you! 😀

  • Sharmin Nahar

    I was looking for a video on WordPress site building for small business. Finally, I have found it. It is well described to every single point I wanted. Really grateful to you for sharing such an important video tutorial with us. I will definitely help me a lot of building a website for small business.

  • Tech Now HD

    Great video! I've been looking for a while now for a tutorial that was easy to follow! this will help me out no end thanks!!!!

  • Keny An

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! As a small business owner myself in need of a website to sell my products, this was super useful!!

  • amajors56

    Great info on getting started on a business. I had been looking for WordPress info and this video helped me figure out how to get started. Looking forward to starting my own business.

  • Saix Shawtae'

    Your video helped me create my website when I was about to throw my computer out of the window from frustration! lol I thank you! I have a question though. How can I change the font? thank you in advance!

  • Chris woakes

    really its a cool way for making wordpress website for a small business. I learned something new from this video. thanks for sharing such kind of quality video.

  • kassem safad

    After watching your video, I surprisingly did quite a good job in creating a website for my small business, knowing that I'm a beginner. your detailed tutorial was very helpful, your efforts are greatly appreciated, buddy.

  • jbird1777

    This video about small businesses was great! I learned a lot new things and definitely recommend checking it out.

  • John Washington

    Awesome tutorial, you showed very detailed how to create wordpress website for small business, thanks for sharing this video.

  • karen beach

    wow its a amazing video . this kind of tutorial can help other to do small business . thank you for sharing this

  • Ronny Ribs

    This is a great informative video.I really enjoyed watching and listening to the great advice on how to build a business website.

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