Low Cost Business Domain Names Minneapolis MN
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Low Cost Business Domain Names Minneapolis MN

Do you have DDD? Stay tuned! LIVE from The Domain Dude studios, not even close to being right down town! There’s a virus rapidly spreading throughout the business community VIA business cards! YOU! Yes you! Could be infected! The virus is called, Domain D-Identification Disorder or DDD This virus is so complex and so advanced that many business people are in denial they even have it. It can immediately be identified when a business associate hands you a business card containing a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL email address. If seen immediately step back, drop the card to the floor and send them to TheDomainDude.com for the cure. Do not let this happen to you or associates. Buy a low cost domain name at thedomaindude.com
For only $9.99 a year you can save your friends and colleagues from the embarrassment and possible permanent business loss from DDD. Low cost business domain names from The Domain Dude, Minneapolis MN. dot com domains only $9.99 a
year. I think you have DDD
I do not! Do too! Do not! Do too! Do too! Do too!

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