Loose vs. Lose  (CM Punk’s Grammar Slam – Spooky Edition)
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Loose vs. Lose (CM Punk’s Grammar Slam – Spooky Edition)

– Hey everyone, this
is super star wrestler, and star of “Girl on the Third Floor”, C.M. Punk welcoming you back to Grammar Slam. Where I interact with you, the fans, and correct your awful, awful grammar. We’re back baby, and this time it’s spooky. (loud thunder) (wolf howling) (loud thunder) – Today on grammar slam we are going to talk about lose versus loose. Let’s read a letter from a fan with a question about the movie. Dear C.M. Punk, in “Girl on the Third Floor” I saw the trailer, and it looks like you really loose your mind in it. Did you really go crazy, or was all that fake? DDDenver. First of all DDDenver, no. I did not loose my mind. I’ve never loosed my mind, but I’m about to lose my mind because over how dumb of a question this is. My character in the movie, Don loses his mind because he’s in a crazy haunted house. If you watch the movie you’d know. Let me
explain it to you this way since this is a spooky edition of Grammar Slam let me
give you a spooky example. If you’re getting cut in half with a chainsaw, which I would pay good money to see, you will lose a lot of blood. If your blood is no
longer inside of your body then it’ll be loose on the floor. Along with whatever else spilled out from the whole chainsaw thing. Now of course Denver this applies to your teeth as well. So do not make this mistake again, and I won’t have to knock your’s out. (tv static) – Hey I was supposed to
bring you this bottle. I don’t know why, but here. – Oh, hey are you new here? – Yeah. – Oh great. Listen can you do me a favor? Somebody crumbled this up. I want you to take a look at this letter. – I actually was just supposed to drop the bottle off, and– – Yeah, and you did that. You did such a good job, but listen it’s fine. What have you got to lose? Take a look at the letter for me. Tell me if you see anything wrong, or if it looks fine. Does it look fine? – Yeah, it looks fine. It looks fine. – It looks fine? It looks fine? – Yeah, I mean did you
really go crazy, or– (bottle smashes) – Grammar Slam! Thank you so much for
watching Grammar Slam. I truly hope you learned something
extremely valuable today, but be sure to check out my movie “Girl on the Third Floor” in theaters, and on digital platforms October 25th. And for more Grammar Slam keep it locked on Nerdist.com. (futuristic music)


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