Lo Chali Main (Eng Sub) [Full Song] (HQ) With Lyrics – Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
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Lo Chali Main (Eng Sub) [Full Song] (HQ) With Lyrics – Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

I go to take my husband’s youngest brother’s wedding procession; look, I’m going! No band plays, nor is there a procession, but I take the gift of love! My brother-in-law, become a bridegroom; put the garland over your head. Having pledged you, your sister-in-law takes your misfortunes onto herself. Let the buds of love bloom; at every moment may you reap happiness! Today, with a pure heart, I offer these prayers. Seated on a horse, the groom goes to meet his bride look, I’m going! Splendid, wonderful, Lord Ram, what a match you have made! Youngest brother of my husband, bride of my husband’s youngest brother, may you flourish! Of all the traditions in this world, the greatest is the engagement of two hearts. The auspicious moment has come; today I am become an adult. Till yesterday, I was the daughter-in-law of the house; now I am the wife of a husband’s elder brother. I shall exercise authority; I shall be threatening! My sister-in-law shall stand transfixed in fear! With a thousand dreams in my eyes, crazy with happiness, look, I’m going!

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