LMU’s Google CSSI Extension Program
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LMU’s Google CSSI Extension Program

– The Google Computer
Science Summer Institute Extension Program is a three-week program. Students live on campus, study together, work on projects together, and bond as they get ready for their freshman year. This program is available with
no extra cost to the students and is funded by donors
and the university. We provide for 18 or more
students during the three weeks and they gain a lot of
technical instruction. The students, at the end of
three weeks, deploy a project on the Google out-servers,
Google databases, which they present to various Googlers, to faculty and staff,
administration, family and friends. – Coming into this program,
I was very nervous; I had little to no experience when it came to computer science. I was worried that I wouldn’t
be able to catch up or keep up but I realized that the
program really was for everyone and that they really
wanted to see us succeed. Everyone was so patient, and
the instruction was so good, it was easy to pick up. – We learned many different languages. Python, JavaScript…
we learned CSS, HTML. We basically learned a
different code each day. And then, in the
weekends, to take a break, we went to Santa Monica,
we went to Venice, we visited the actual Google office. – [Toal] The kids, by the
end of the three weeks, have really built a fantastic community, which is very important in
CS because you’re constantly helping each other and
working collaboratively, in teams, to build software. – I’ve been wanting to work
at Google since I was 12, and I just thought this
was a perfect segue into a career there. – Eight of our students last year that went through the program, got actual internships at Google, which was after their freshman year, and that’s very rewarding. – I did the Engineering
Practicum Internship with Google last summer, it’s
an internship for freshman and sophomore computer science students. I was up in Kirkland,
Washington, for the internship, and I was on a Hangouts Meet
Team, so it’s video-calling. I learned so much throughout the summer, both technically and culturally. I got to know Google as a
company, and I got to learn what it’s like to work at a real company, which is something that
I think a lot of students don’t necessarily get their first years, so it was just a crazy
and exciting experience. – We find that it’s vitally important to have faculty and university partners who are invested in the
success of their students, and LMU has displayed that, and so, there’s been an absolute pleasure, partnering with the school. – I’m now going to be taking
a computer science class which was not previously on my schedule, and I’m considering minoring
in computer science as well just because I really liked
it and I really want to see what more computer science
has to offer for me. – The technical side
was just really amazing, the instructors were really
good and they taught me so much. I learned how to do four
languages and integrate them in literally three weeks which
is insane to me right now, so, my coding skills have
exponentially increased. – [Toal] We’re extremely
grateful to the donors that make all this possible,
for changing students’ lives, giving them Google
internships, and giving them the confidence they would
not ordinarily have had going into computer science. (inspirational piano music)

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