Lizard Squad Attacks GTA 5 Online Servers & More! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)
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Lizard Squad Attacks GTA 5 Online Servers & More! (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
and today we’re gonna be talking about Lizard Squad, that’s right the same hacking group
who hacked PSN and Xbox live on Christmas and as of now it is still effecting gamers plus they are not stoping their attacks. And
of course as of now you’ve probably listened to their interview with BBC Radio, if you
haven’t I will include a link in the description and you might have seen the news on CNN and you probably saw the face of one of the
Lizard Squad member. and you can tell they are not old, grand paaa’s
looking, they are teenagers around 18 to 20 years old, some of them are 21 who pretty
much Ddsoed PLayStation Network and Xbox Live, They sended tons of packets to their servers
and that fludid their servers and cause services to shut down, It took 3 days for psn and xbox
live to get back up and it’s still not the same, like gamers are still experiencing sign in problems, their stats aren’t loading,
some players loss their dlc contents and tons of other stuff, if you experiencing sign in
problems on PSN, like if you can’t log in, I actually made a seperate video about how to sign in on PSN, it works 9 times
out of 10, so if you are having trouble signnin in definitely check that video out, the link
will be down in the description. So that attack on Christmas affected over 100 million gamers and now that the services are back up and
Lizard Squad stopped the attacks towards Sony and Microsoft, thanks to Kim Dotcom who gave
Lizard Squad 300 grands worth of vouchers. But Lizard Squad still not stopping, of course they’ve stopped their attcak towards
Sony and Microsoft, but now they are attcking servers of triple a titles, which you are
for sure familair, it’s Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty and bunch of other popular games they are attacking gta 5 online servers, so
players can’t get online, and who knows in the future what they will do, some people
say they are hacking, some people say they aren’t hacking, which is true they are Ddosing but still they are doing something that is
causing a lot and companies are losing tons of money, So of course let me know what y’all
think about this, are you experiecing some kind of online issues, if you are let me know
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  • Mihailo Rasipanov

    PS4 or Xbox, I'm only really gonna play GTA Online so yeah. But my friends have PS4 but idk much cause i prefer to play alone but yeah i had an Xbox 360 and now a PS3 but idk. The PS4 costs more but i think i prefer the Xbox's layout and more user friendly and also PS is just so slow on the PS menu. and Xbox is quicker.

  • Saint

    So I was messing around with my friend and I told him to check me out on yt and i gave him your name and said i used a voice changer and he believed me

  • Newfieyugitubers

    This is why I have a Wii U and 3DS. Lizard Squad are doing these attacks to "try to get companies to bump security on their online severs". What will they have to gain from attacking Nintendo? Who are they going to upset? Casual gamers? Nostalgia lovers? Little kids who just want to play Super Smash Bros. and get their butts kicked by some 25 year old guy playing Little Mac in For Glory mode? No, they want to piss off the gamers who play CoD on a very serious level of play. Or the gamers who play GTA Online for hoirs at a time. IMO these guys are just a bunch of computer heads who either A) got to much time on their hands. Or B) justbkeep getting theirs asses kicked in CoD or GTA Online and are pissy about it.

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