Liza Koshy Takes On Ellen’s Burning Questions
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Liza Koshy Takes On Ellen’s Burning Questions

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Youtuber and Chipotle
enthusiast Liza Koshy. And I’m about to answer
Ellen’s Burning Questions. A yoga pose inspired by you
would be called The Burrito. And it would look
something like– Your most embarrassing
moment in high school. Oh, I mooned my best
friend and her mom. I was trying to show
them my brown buns. And then, they ended up
all seeing my brown buns. But it was cool. It was a white family. They were very
educated after that. It was great. The funniest pickup line ever
used on you was how you doing. That was my favorite
pick up line. It tends to get most ladies. An ice cream flavor called
Koshy would taste like curry. A video you posted
that you regret. Oh, I can’t talk about it. I really regret it. The last thing you Googled. Can’t talk about it. I really regret it. The most famous person
who has recognized you. Barack Obama. He’s so good looking. The most irrational
thing you’re afraid of. Losing my eyebrows, which
I just did on that button. I did it again. I’m sorry. Song title that best
describes your love life. “Wheels on a Bus Go
Round and Round.” Reality competition
show you’d win. Any show that has a button. What do you say when someone
cuts you off in traffic? Mother [BEEP]. The last movie
that made you cry. Beauty and the Beast. Beast. My all favorite
time Youtuber is– can I say myself or
this narcissistic? Ellen DeGeneres. There’s no reason for me to
touch this red button anymore. But I’m going to do it anyways. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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