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Living Off the Land in Hawaii | Explorer


  • National Geographic

    Some Hawaiian citizens believe the extra work involved in "living off the land" makes one appreciate food more. What are your thoughts on this type of consumption?

  • Flyin' Japman

    How does a human have that kind of lung capacity? Energy to go down, energy to lie in wait, and energy ro resurface WITH additional weight.

  • Flyin' Japman

    How does a human have that kind of lung capacity? Energy to go down, energy to lie in wait, and energy ro resurface WITH additional weight.

  • SUP Fisher

    I'm a bit confused as to why this is marketed as native Hawaiians are the only people who hunt, fish, and grow their own food. I commend these people for doing this, but the presentation seems a bit off. People from every culture partake in these practices. Even in the midst western urban sprawl.

  • coolslc

    2 models that everyone should follow, nothing wrong with trying to live off the land to feed yourself and Family, Governments are always happy to feed you what makes you sick and their pockets full, plus I like that they grow and hunt just what they need, a lot of us over buy (Costco) and food can spoil…

  • Shane Berry

    Ummm………. boats won’t stop delivering to a US state no matter where it is 😂😂 It’s a cool hobby but it’s not for reasons stated

  • Syed Mohd gulam Asghar

    I think the lesson she teaches us is excellent . We have to make our life style eco friendly so that the balance with nature should be maintain .

  • Dr.No

    At the same time let's go back to living without medicine and let nature thin the herd with an average life span of 40-50yrs old….when your reproductive years have past, it's time to exit the stage…. Ya, I didn't think so either. Enjoy the ease of processed foods people… our ancestors are jealous.

  • rocket5557

    Nice in theory, but if every person in Hawaii tried to live off the land, the ocean would be devoid of fish in a month and the ecosystem would be destroyed. They import food for a reason. The land cannot support the population.

  • Sheep Boi

    I see some Hate comments on this vid & I laugh because us Hawaiian’s actually Polynesians in general can survive of the land & water period. JAHLOHA to all my Brownies. Poly Pride All Day Every Day🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • carlos santizo

    If we did this more we wouldnt have so much pollution nor have the need for money…well for the most part. Maybe we should bring back the barter system

  • melancholyTM

    “For us to survive, something has to die”. This is why i dont get people who get mad at people who kill animals for people to eat. Its just like a predator hunting for a prey. I do go against killings animals that we dont need to kill. But people have to accept that we are predators and we cant change that. We just have to kill some animals to live

  • Bobby Burns

    Aloha spirit indeed.
    Would of loved this if it was about the people, the Hawaii pot luck, the aloha spirit.

    Individuals living a idealistic lifestyle. This is OK when it’s just a few going along as Tarzan and Jane.

    However there are 1.1million people living here on Oahu.
    Let’s be realistic National Geographic if as you suggests that the boats stop running, and the planes don’t land and we are on the brink of doomsday’s and the only way for us to survive is to have primitive hunting & gathering skills that a seven year old kid can learn in a day is a laughable concept to say the least.
    For example as you say on the 11th day our food is gone.
    Then my friend you will see a real community first panic, there will be tens of Thousand of people armed with fins and spears in the ocean.
    And unless you guys scared away all the fish, oh my gosh there were hardly any fish where she was anyway and so little.

    And please bows & arrows are you for real this is Hawai’i of the USA there are hunters here with guns those pigs and sheep will be gone quick.

    The time has come upon us all to put the pagan tribal rituals of all our past cultures where they belong.
    Which is in the past.
    Let’s us not forget that King Kamahamaha and his court like all kings got the best fish.

    It’s not about connecting with nature or conquering people no way.
    It’s a realistic approach and a complete understanding that there are a lot of us here and we all need to eat everyday

    I expected more from you National Geographic.

  • Bobby Burns

    Oh and by the way, that piece of land where you killed the pig. Well that’s a beautiful place to grow fruit trees. But no trees why not?
    The Hawaii government? Why say that? would you say the New York government or the Kentucky Government?

    J.J. Jelly you need to research before you just show up and blab blab blab.
    How you get that job anyway?

  • Spear Fishing Channel

    this woman is a very skillful hunter… love to watch… great spearfishing.. credits to Natgeo and all in this video… keep it up

  • izi ita nets

    It is a very pity that people continue to destroy nature and National Geographic helps, very very sad 😞😞😞👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Derek Nash

    I moved a month ago to the Big Island of Hawaii. Learning this way of life, helping support one another, and coexisting with nature and the land has been the biggest eye opening experience for me. I plan to keep learning the ways of the Hawaiin culture, and living the rest of my life in such a way. Awesome insight video to the survival of the Hawaiin Islands Natgeo

  • Cari Bray- Pitts

    Love when Justin says it'll feed his neighbor's family too, "It's a community thing"…. That's awesome!!

  • Mia turner

    This is such a beautiful and peaceful way to live life. Humans are going to bulldoze everything and will panic when it’s too late we are going to need the environment to survive. So be good to it and it will be good to you.

  • Stefan Pigford

    From North Carolina 🇱🇷✌️..This is interesting. No burger hut or Mc dam Donald's. It does help ppl the be someways selp sufficient. My mom & I garden & buy local seafood. When possible I fish.

  • Kelly Waggoner

    She’s still using civilization though. She buys toilet paper, has a fridge with food in it, and uses a vehicle with fuel to get around, etc. It’s not completely“living off the land”. She is a bad a$$ though.

  • Walter Wendner

    Da könnte die OMV auch noch bohren 😕! Wirtschaft vor Umwelt à la Sebastian Kurz & Trump 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕!

  • Nikolaus Grill

    Come on… You talk sustainability and then you eat only three selected parts of a whole pig? That's weak (a pig so young has tasty offal meat, shanks you can smoke,…).

  • B Mattingly

    Oh please this is all clickbait and you people are suckers. Yeah they had those nice spear guns back in the day huh? Wet suits and weight belts. There is a sucker born every day.

  • Rich Wilson

    2:49 it looks like there is a skull carved into the rock behind her dad in the picture. Anyone else notice that?

  • Daniel Madden

    100 feet lying on the floor………….i lose my breath when i am in the shower washing my hair and the water is pouring over my face………………… i figure i could free dive about 3 to 4 feet, then i need Air!

  • mwj5368

    The 2019 population of Hawaii is 1.42 million. Maybe a big part of survival without shipments is to ASAP develop maybe in places farther inland… weather and wave proof (easier said than done but trying to be optimistic) environs to mass cultivate fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and pre-planned logistics to distribute them.

  • specjalista88

    Insufficient resources, humans depleted everything and you're trying to convince them to kill the few last animals we have left? Think about it geez…

  • smileyhappyradio

    You would not have oil, would depend on the pig for fat, salt farms, and sugar farms, along with coffee are in Hawaii. With tropical Fruit…that might be the perfect place for surviving.

  • flex capacitor

    Average view count range of NG videos: 20k- 500k. Video on "living off the land" at the time of this writing: 1.6million.

  • breanna bernett

    "For us to survive something has to die" uhhh have you heard of fruits and plants? Humans are not made to chew meat.

  • fabio sunspot

    It's just beautiful,this is real living I grew up feeding myself and family hunting on land and underwater, if you didn't hunt you just don't eat😥

  • Dave V

    Get your facts straight. The wild bore was brought by the first Hawaiians, not by Westerners. Westerners afterwards brought their own pigs, which interbred. But the FIRST pigs were brought by the Polynesians.

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