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Live PD: On the Same Page (Season 3) | A&E

We’re going to stop this vehicle
right here. It appears that the
temporary registration tag looks like it could be– it’s going to be fake. It’s a way to
circumvent the system to try to avoid having to pay
to have your vehicle registered, pay taxes, and get insurance. Driver, step out for me. [police radio chatter] Hey, how are you doing today?
– Hello, mister. – You have a driver’s
license on you, sir? – I got everything for you.
– All right. I’m Corporal Milazzo
with Lafayette Police. – I can get the
other [inaudible].. – Yeah, your bill
of sale, your title? – I got you. – Then I’ll explain to
you why I stopped you. Listen to me.
– For my tag? – Yeah. – Your tag’s fake. It’s not even real. – It– – Yeah. When did you
purchase the vehicle? [police radio chatter] – A couple of months ago. – A couple months ago? Yeah, grab your bill of
sale and title for me, bro. So you bought it in– – [inaudible] – –February 19, correct? – February 19, yeah.
– OK. – [inaudible]
– All right. See that 60 day temp tag? – [inaudible] 20. – So from February to July,
that’s a lot more than 60 days. That make sense to you? Let me– [inaudible] we reading
on the– we’re on the same page now? – Yeah, yeah. – OK. – Bro, I’m taking care
of this [bleep] tomorrow. – All right, hang tight. It’s amazing how often we stop
people for registration issues or something, and any
time we stop them, it always happens to be the
night before that they’re going to go take care of it. But this guy may have actually
legit purchased a vehicle and it may be the actual
dealership that provided him with the fraudulent tag. [police radio chatter] – Officer, man, I was taking
care of that [bleep] tomorrow, bro. I swear to God. – What’s the chances, huh? – Man, look. – That I stop you today? You’ve had it since
February, and I just happened to stop the
night before you’re going to go take care of it? – Man, I just moved
in a new apartment. – I got you. – I left the house with my girl. – All right. Why haven’t you registered
it since February? – Oh.
I should– – Just be honest, man.
I’m not– look. – No, check me out. Man, me and my girl fell out. I got my own [bleep]. Doing my own furniture. So money going a
lot of other ways. – I got you.
– You know what I’m saying? – I hear you. But I mean, if
you can be– look, if you can be rolling around,
you got to have it legit. – I know, but I’m take care
of that [bleep] tomorrow, bro. – Here’s the deal, man. Here’s the deal. Your license is valid. You’ve been straight up. You ain’t caused any
problems, so I’m going to cut you a break, all right?
– All right, man. I’m doing–
– Listen to me. – Next time you see me, [bleep]. – Well that’s good, because
you know what I’m going to do next time I see you? I’m going to stop you
and make sure it’s legit. – Oh, oh, [inaudible]. I know you’re going
to bust a nut. – Hey, you know what’s
going to happen tonight? – Man, I already know. – You’re going to watch it ride
out on the back of a wrecker. – I already knew, man.
I already knew, man. – All right, [bleep]. – Man, good looking
out, though, man. Appreciate you.
– Sound fair enough? – Fair enough. – This has got to be destroyed. This is– it’s worthless. – Man, I’m going to my house.
– OK. All right, man. Listen to me, take it to
your house, all right? – For sure, man.
Appreciate you. – You got it, man. Appreciate your cooperation. Don’t forget your stuff
on your hood, man. [interposing voices]
You got it, man.


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