Live Campus Tour Hosted by Texila American University in Facebook
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Live Campus Tour Hosted by Texila American University in Facebook

hi welcome to Texila American University I’m Farida and I will be taking you through the campus tour today This is the first time in history that Texila has a live telecast has a live telecast. Today Texila is becoming a preferred destination for medical education. Welcome to the beautiful view of Texila. I will now take you to the Registrars office Hi good morning we’re live on Facebook and and we’re here to meet with our respected registrar Dr.Dhanrajan excuse me sir good morning hello welcome to Texila I am register this is register office this is the place where we will be interacting a lot for your documentation and registration and this department also fulfills the students need by providing the logistical and administrative support to collect the issue to maintain the academic records as well as the other related documents thank you sir. Welcome have a great day guys now we’re headed on to the next department which happens to be the Finance Department now we’re not going to enter the finance department however they handle all the student fees and transactions there’s also online accounts where the students can stay updated with their transactions from day one until the completed course of time we are now headed to another department as well which happens to be the Student Affairs Department good morning everyone now we are going to meet with the Dean of Students Affairs Mrs. Mary excuse me ma’am good morning good morning welcome to the Student Affairs Department this department plays a pivotal role in addressing the students concern I have a team of Student co-coordinators to support and guide our students We endeavor to be globally recognized for our commitment to student academic success by providing transformative opportunities outstanding service resource and facilities that enhance learning and development with Texila Our objective is to enrich the students experience with Texila by addressing varied and evolving needs of students and stand as a student service hub. We welcome you all to Texila we are here to support you thank you Mam for that very warm welcome as you can see the student here has a warm friendly environment in which they can have all of their concerns resolved hey can I borrow that I would like to just look a bit more professional and now we’re heading to the dean’s office where we will meet with dr. Jeffrey Antonio hi good morning good morning. Is Doc there? Yeah Excuse me. Good morning. Good Morning How are you? We are actually doing a live telecast here on here on Facebook so you mean to say It’s live. Yes it is live. the whole world can see me the world Oh wonderful its wonderful that the whole world can come to know about Texila American University by the way my name is dr. Dr. Jeffrey Antonio and this my colleague Dr. Nagesh Babu. He is a professor for pharmacology I’m your Dean and also your professor in pathology. So Texila University has for you lined up not only a robust and comprehensive curriculum that will assure you to become a competitive compassionate and an excellent doctor who can basically thrive anywhere around the world this curriculum is based on and licensed from an American University PONCE and you shall have the benefit of not only having advanced clinical skills but also a solid foundation to make sure that patients are managed properly and only then also compassionately because we believe in the complete physician so for you out there interested in medicine remember that Texila University. Texila University is medicine and medicine is Texila University come on now let’s see if you have what it takes thank Sir for that very fantastic message thank you mam. You are Welcome. As you can see the staff and management of Texila always welcome you very warmly now let’s take a look around the campus we’re headed back to the front view of the campus where you can see the very exotic fountain this way then we’ll take a walk down to corridor which will lead us to the lounge now we have very beautiful lounge here where students can come and relax as you can see there is a very spacious lounge where the students can come and relax when they’re on break there’s many vending machines with snacks coffee and tea as well we are headed towards the Anatomy lab. excuse me guys. Hi we are telecasting live on Facebook hello you’re now witnessing the most crucial and critical part of medical education that’s the anatomy lab there’s also the saying that if you want to be a good doctor you’re supposed to be good anatomists so more you spend time in this lab more close you are to your dream of becoming a good doctor I can now proudly say that our university Texila American University is only University in entire Caribbean to have complete plastinated cadavers. you can see these are the plastinated human cadavers which is used for the study purpose in anatomy lab thank you sir for those very inspiring words now they’ll have a quick word with one of the students hi how are you feeling yourself It is exciting and it’s lovely to spend time in the anatomy lab especially learning about our own human body and its parts. with these plastinated cadavers are the best ones I love my time in the lab. Thank you you can hear it for yourself these students always have fun in the lab. Now we are headed on to the biochemistry lab here we will talk to the lab manager. Excuse me guys. Hi. we are telecasting Live on Facebook welcome to Bio chemistry lab this is our bio chemistry and physical sciences laboratory here we can take medical biochemistry and chemistry this lab is one of the best lab in the Texila American University and one in overall Caribbean region we won’t find such a best lab this is a cannot be accommodated forty students at a time and this is a centralized AC and it has centralized Gas-line where the students can do their work in a safe mode we follow all the safety rules and regulations here you have site benches where we can do the research work we have the instruments adjust kilometers like a pedometer the PHP meter right now we can see that they are doing some experiments which are related to the medical science. We teach Bio chemistry. This is Bio Chemistry medical lab biochemistry which is mostly concerned to the human bio molecules which we have to estimate and we have to do the clinical significance of it for the diagnosis of different disorders so here we teach students mostly how to identify how to identify and how to diagnose and what is the importance of this diagnosis how it is helping in the clinical significance of this in their medical practice Thank you Sir for that very fascinating introduction to the biochemistry lab okay thank you this way. Oh! the lounge happens be very busy at this time we’re now headed towards the pathology lab right across from the biochemistry lab we would have here the Pathology lab. Here will have students who would be using our microscope and we will be talking with the lab manager Hi guys. We are telecasting Live on Facebook oh its you again all over the place hi again everyone so you know I’m not the only I’m not only acting dean being as I’ve said them all to you’re pathologist as this is the pathology lab so what we do here in the pathology lab in the first two years of our medical students education it’s all about the normal normal ecology normal anatomy normal physiology and when they get to the second year which is MD3 and MD4 that is when they learn about everything abnormal some students even look abnormal at times anyway so when we talk about abnormality with the study of diseases and it will be their formative baseline information and how to diagnose different diseases of the human body okay because there is not one single entity in medicine that involves that was not involved pathology there will always be pathology we have comprehensive set of slides both digital and web apps or slides which will cover almost parts of the human body and all the diseases that represent for example over here we have a projecting microscope typically in such slide so here in Texila University we not only cover the basics will so go into this more advanced form of teaching as well as providing you with the most comprehensive program that is available here in the Caribbean and at par with the rest of the world thank you sir for getting with us about pathology lab. As you can see the labs are well equipped with the microscopes and slides for the students learning. Now we’re headed on to the microbiology. This way Hi we are telecasting live on Facebook and and here will now interview the micro biology faculty. Hi I am Dr Pandru associate professor of Microbiology and this is the microbiology laboratory so this laboratory catters to the diagnostic services and derives a constant source of resource problems clinical medicine and all our laboratories have expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure and automationto function independently and also to carry Thank you Dr. Pandru for that very brief introduction so we have this in turn a few classes already I’ll go to the quiet zone that is library. Hi Geethanjalii. the library happens to be two floors up This way Here we leaving second the first floor sorry we’re now entering the second floor of the Texila American University right ahead you will see the library guys who’s supposed to be a quiet zone however I’m very curious to know what’s happening inside well have a quick word the librarian to tell us what’s happening in the library hello hi we’re doing a live telecast for Facebook of the Texila American University and I would like you to Orient us with what’s happening in the library hi welcome to Texila American University’s Library where in a wide range of physical collections in the library and we are more focusing on electronic and data resource Data Resources consists of ebooks, e-journals, databases e- magazine etc.. Databases consists of enel database, Hexo Database and detail learning Resource center. Hexo database consists of 2,700 eBooks which are also part of the core curriculum and dynamic place related to clinical correlation relations and enel database consists of 43,000 PG books and 17,000 journals will be available in here. thank you sir for orienting us with what’s happening in our library now I would not leave every unless I know how the students feel about this very lovely atmosphere Hello. what are you referring to good afternoon I am Nicholas from Brazil and currently I’m referring to a book called the Grey’s Anatomy this book is considered by many to be a great source of information since it provides students at detail information concerning a basic approach for anatomy as well as doing our clinical studies Thank you Nicholas get back to reading Hi Jenifer. Hi Farida How are you? I am fine. How are you doing today? I am good too. How do you like your very beautiful facility? It is really great and awesome and we have a lot of hard copy here but at the same time we also have soft copies and we used to have them e – logins so that i can also studying in school as well as at home oh ok Jeniffer The students very busy with reading don’t want to disturb any more of them so we’ll move on to the next section of this wonderful Campus if you’re an aspiring doctor Don’t just watch guys come on down to Texila and register with us or you can get an email us online and we will guide you on further process. So now we are heading down to the classroom place where theory is being taught. Now these classrooms are not just classrooms. they are very comfortable spacious with highly technological equipment’s for bettering our students learning. On the other side of the corridor there are classrooms. However we are walking towards classroom 4. Let’s see what’s happening. inside here Hi. Excuse me. May i have a word with one of our students of this classroom sure. So lets see what the students have to say about the Texila American University What do you think about the Texila American University So far Texila American University I think the experience that I got through was really amazing I have people from different cultures different countries so you learn defend their cultures and all those you know their way how to learn and all those things so it’s really good and the faculties that provides Texila it’s at its best you know what you will get really good and the faculty is also stuff whatever you have here they are really qualified in their own department so it’s really amazing and I recommend the his University to my friends to come here and study medicine thank you I can see you’re very comfortable here now we’re heading on down to this skill lab of what you can get up so we’re heading on down to the skills lab or simulations are been done the skills lab happens to be on the first floor so quite a walk from here the stairs are very closely oriented to the classrooms Hence student will not have a hectic walk or retire to their classrooms. So as we enter into the first floor of Texila American University ahead you can see the conference rooms where club meetings other small meetings are being held we are not so far away from the Skills lab any more Now we are very very close to the skills lab here we will talk to the lab manager hello excuse me we’re doing a live telecast for the Texila American University on Facebook hi hi good afternoon farida okay Can you orient us on what is happening in the skills lab they know these facility that we have right now the first and only ones present in the Caribbean it is a comprehensive resource where we can teach our students and they have the hands-on in inserting IV in doing the botany or extracting blood from the vein we use dummy models before they’re going to the hospital for their clinical rotations so we also get our suction machine we also learn how they’re going to put and be altered oxygen and how they’re going to do their ID Fusion thank you mam now today I was supposed to be a part of this class however we were supposed to be learning the critical organ of the body the heart to the simulation we’re supposed to try to put on the oxygen as well taken to the pulse rate and check the blood pressure after Nitro and Murphy over over always excited to get into the skills lab Texila Rocks now let’s head on down them to another section of the campus We will go into the open view From above we should have a very good view of the fountain below From the front half of the campus this is actually the center of attention we’re now heading on down to the administrative Ward We are now very close to the Vice Chancellors office maybe I should get a quick word with him. Hi excuse me we are actually recording live for Facebook of the Texila American University Can I have a message with VC. Excuse me Sir. Hi we are recording live on Facebook of the Texila American University May I have a message from you. Good Afternoon. I am Allan the Vice Chancellor. I have with Texila for more than seven years now we started the university way back in 2010 now we grown as one of the largest university in Guyana we offer for 5.5 years and 4.5 years program and 5.5 years program is for those who come with CXC or older the qualification we do one and half years of pre medical course and they continue doing their MD program after that and for those who come with CAPE qualification is 4.5 years they do six months of medical course and then they do four years of MD programs now talking about the MD course it’s into two phases we have preclinical for two years and clinical for two years student studies of it like anatomy physiology biochemistry pathology and so and so in first two years and after that they undergo preclinical a clear exam and they go into a clinical rotation the clinical rotations are offered in Guyana in the US and in the Philippines the students interested to go to Philippine can apply and those who want to go to US can apply for that certain requirement like USMLE step one to go to the U S rotation after completion of the clinical rotation they will have to take the clinical exit exam once they do that we click with exams and we can become graduates of Texila American university we have so far graduated three batches and our students are in India we will clear the license examination and currently they’re doing their house surgency here your four students going to Nigeria they’ve also taken the license exams they’ll clear the license exam and they are doing their house surgency here students are making progress and three of them are going to us and we are doing the residency now after completing the USMLE step 1 and step 2 therefore so we are so proud of Texila we have got students from 130 countries and we welcome students with a tell us come stay with us along with us and enjoy University here and become a good physician Thank you sir for your very informative message We will now since we have visited almost all the management staff of Texila we are not heading down to the front of the campus . You heard it for yourself students are hailing from almost 30 countries coming to the Texila here we also have easy access we are going to front stairs as well. Which us leads directly into the front portion of the campus. This is very useful when taking precautions as students will be able to better exit to building. We are now back on the ground floor Opps. oh my actually forgot to visit faculty room let’s head on over there here we can see a unique diverse and compassionate community of veterans who teaches at Texila hello excuse me we are telecasting live for Facebook around with Texila American University. Here we have dr. Stephan dr. Kumar and dr. Jagan hi everybody end up the Hudson I teach etiology nice to see you. I am Dr. Kumar teaching bio medical genetics. clock ticking by America’s endings and hi I’m Mary Jane from the College of Nursing hey Dev from College of Nursing well these lectures. Thank you. These lectures seem pretty busy preparing for their classes that’s head on outside of the campus the weather is pretty cool here as you can see Texila to provide spacious parking for their properties as well as the students along with the parking laws necessary reliable security system at the entrance along the exist as well with the security systems there is very beautiful landscaping let’s take a view of the entire building from outside Texila American University was established in 2010 currently it has students hailing from over 30 countries the new campus of Texila American University is now located at Providence piano which happens to be just 30 minutes drive away from the international chatty dragon airport here at the new campus it is situated in one of the most developing areas with supermarket international cinemas and restaurants along with modern Jews that provides easy access for students who are attending Texila or would like to attend to this is one of the best campus in the Caribbean region and you have witnessed the quality of education to the price of the students who are already inside the The facility surrounding Texila provide easy access to the current student as well as student who would like to join this is the best campus for medical education in the Caribbean regions or far as you just have witnessed to the voice of students already inside. Lets take one last view of the Texila American university if you would like best quality medical education please drop your email id and contact number in the comments below we welcome you to Texila thank you for being with us on this live show Farida a medical student at Texila American University – saying goodbye thank you


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