Little Women: Atlanta – Abira Heckles the Tiny Twinz’s Performance (Season 5) | Lifetime

[music playing] Bitch, look at these eyes We
definitely need to wear this, because you already know what
this stands for in our culture. The eye is to keep us
protected from bad spirits. And we’re
definitely gonna need them when we’re on
stage, girl, because we have a lot of haters. Especially with
Abira’s hating ass? Like, what happened at
Minnie’s birthday party? Like, why is she getting upset
because we did a music video? Girl, it seems like she’s
always getting upset, like, whenever Minnie
does stuff for us, and when good things
are happening to us, it seems like she always has
something to say about us. Yeah, but I don’t
like that because I’m over here showing her support
whenever she had her mixtape. I’m never going to
hurt over a bitch. Damn, bitch. Straight the [bleep] up. The only person I’m
gonna hurt is over her, [inaudible] or Minnie. Mhm. And she wants it
all to be about her? I think she could be thankful. I know Minnie’s
trying her best to give her what she wants. I know. How does she
feel, like, Minnie’s paying more attention than us? I think she’s being equal. We’re the one that wanted
to do the music videos. Yeah. I just wish she was more
supportive, because we’re supportive of her. Yeah, we’re always– like, bitch, we’re
supportive of everyone, girl. She’s always doing something. Always. Why’s she being a fake ass ho? OK, bitch. [inaudible] all that matters. Because the end of the day,
she ain’t giving me [bleep].. Ain’t giving me nothing. I freakin’ love
the outfits, though. Thank you. You like our necklaces? Yes. Evil eye. To ward off all
the [bleep] haters. Mhm. Because we have
plenty of them. Amen. And we have one here tonight. What’s up, what’s up? Good to see my
little “frenemies” are here on time today. That’s a good sign. And yeah, me and Minnie
hashed things out a bit, but I still don’t think
they’re very talented, and they don’t work very hard. So they better not
[bleep] this up for me. I’m glad we all here on time
today, and we’re ready to work. And we’re ready to show out. Abira, seriously? The last thing that we
need is drama between us. If she starts any [bleep]– Let it go. Just let it go. I hope Abira and the twins
can get along and not embarrass themselves, because they done
worked too [bleep] hard to get to this moment to let
their personal issues get in the way of their careers. I want to introduce somebody. We’ve been working in
the studio together. I kinda like her. [inaudible] Don’t you? Can you get her a mic? Hello. So we’re gonna get our
little people going. Eeh. I’m so goofy, y’all. Don’t even stunt me. Hold up. Hey. Y’all know it like this. Aw, man. It looks like Abira had a
little too much to drink. This could be a disaster. (RAPPING) Travel round
the world, living lavish. Living lavish, like– [inaudible], just like magic. Them goals. Them goals. Girl, let’s go by. Let me get money
and shine with it. Them goals. What the hell is Abira doing? She’s making a fool
out of herself. And us. This is so embarrassing. (RAPPING) Wake up in
the morning with a baddie. Counting up the
money in my panties. In your panties. Hey! [inaudible] Thank you. Y’all want to keep it
going, say hell yeah? [light applause] [applause] This is all for
the [inaudible].. (SINGING) Every
day, every day– Let’s do it! Not the women that
they’re used to. What the [bleep] new crew. Double the twin,
like a Double Mint. I say hey, but I never quit. I got the back to my sis. On my track, I can never miss. I walk that walk,
and I talk that talk. Chase that bag, and I feel that
vault. Pretty little thing, and I shake it like this. Turn it all around,
and then get like that. Swing that ass and make it clap. Bring it down on ’em
and bring it right back. They trying to hate. But they can’t stop us. We on our way,
they can’t stop us. Tiny Twinz all
about the dollars. Man, y’all [inaudible]. Every day. Man, they’re really good. I love them. They’re so– Yeah. Twins! Bup, bup, bup, bup! OK! OK! OK!

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