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Linode Workplace Culture

For me personally, I feel like we’re
contributing to something bigger than all of us. We get to provide a tool
that helps people grow their businesses,
people from Fortune 100 to your personal blogger can
use us and really make it what they want. VINCENT PALOCHKO:
When I came here, we started as more of
a startup environment, and today we kind of maintain
that startup type of vibe. Our people come here
every day and they get to work on really
interesting projects, and they’re not bound
by how we did it before or a specific
policy or procedure. ALYSSA SHADINGER: I’ve only
been here for about nine months. When I started my job, my
boss had specific outcomes that he wanted me to
achieve, but he didn’t prescribe how to get there. He let me figure out
my own way of how to get the end result
that we were looking for. JACOB MELIN: The interview
process was probably the best I’ve ever had. You got to see what it would
be like on a daily basis. ADAM MOHAMMED: There are things
I didn’t put on my resume that had been out there in
the open source world that I had contributed
to, and they had gone out and actually found them and
then saw my contribution. So it showed that they put
a lot of time and effort into analyzing all
the candidates. CASSANDRA BUBNIS: The
things that we’re really looking for are like,
can you speak to people? Are you a good human? Do you have a lot of passions? Do you have the drive to
really want to better yourself and be at a company that
is willing to invest even more into you? VINCENT PALOCHKO: The type of
people that we’re looking for isn’t something
that can be trained, but any job that we’re
doing here can be trained. REGINA DANIELS: As long
as you have the aptitude to learn and teach yourself and
you can do pretty well here. I started as a
junior and moving up to the first and
the second level, and it’s not even
been a year yet. RICHARD MYERS: One of
the cool things about not taking funding or bootstrapping
from the beginning is that we only
answer to ourselves, so we hold ourselves
accountable. We make really hard decisions,
and we don’t rely on just what shareholders
are interested in or what’s going to
make us the most money. We hold true to our
values and make sure that we’re doing right
by our customers, because those values are
what are important to us. CASSANDRA BUBNIS: We
do really consider ourselves a team and a family,
and families help each other. SALVADOR CARRASCA: It’s
that kind of culture that’s supportive and
helpful that’s really beneficial to everyone. RICHARD MYERS: People ask a lot
why everyone stays so long, why we have such great retention. I think it’s because it’s
challenging and it’s rewarding, but also the people
here are some of the smartest, most
talented people that I’ve ever gotten to work with.

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