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I’m Yosua, from and, which is one of our products. We help people to find their business solution in this digital era, especially in mobile. If you look at corporates and SMEs, they have little understanding in mobile usage, Linkintegrasi helps them starting from consultation, design, and even its development, then we host them using Dewaweb. For me, the most important thing is customer support. The customer support is very friendly and there is a chance for us to have close partnership with them. But the most important is their operational hours. If during operational hours, for example if we receive complaints at 1 or 2 AM And we have to escalate it to the hosting party, we need hosting company that is capable of handling the issue well, with fast response. Not only fast response, but also the capability to handle it. If it’s just mere responding, such as “yes, please wait until tomorrow morning!”, I don’t think our client will be ok with that. That is one reason why I think Dewaweb is very reliable, they have extraordinary customer support. Even at 2 AM, they are able to handle any issues with fast response. One of the most useful feature is ticketing, because it really helps us as we get tracking with history records And we can tell all of linkintegrasi’s clients that the issues have been reported to Dewaweb and we can track the handling step by step. If we only say that we are taking care of it, it doesn’t prove anything, but if we can see and provide them the history, that will be very clear, so when the client ask why the issue is taking too long, we can tell that we are currently solving their issues That helps to make the clients happy. That is also the most important thing for me. The ticketing feature. I will and I have!

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