linking domain name with godaddy hosting
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linking domain name with godaddy hosting

Doctor Michael with
and we are starting a new domain today, a new web site today, on our free online course
and what we want to do is link your domains to your GoDaddy account. So I’m gonna click
right here on my GoDaddy link and log in. I specifically have the hosting, I’m gonna
click on hosting, I have the delux hosting package so I can have the multiple domain
names. Let’s manage the account.
And your domains. So I’m managing my hosting account and what I want to do is take that
hosting account and link it with one of my domains. So… the… Let’s see here. Let’s
do… Witch one do I want to do? Well, let me just click on add domain, and I’m gonna
type in… I just bought a few new domains today. chiro practor Ah, there’s a
We’ll do that one today. And, I’m gonna put it in a folder 16-miami. Okay. Which means
it’s my sixteenth web site and that is now pending and probably in an hour or so it will
be linked and it might take as much as, uhh, I’ll be able to do more work, I’ll install
WordPress on that domain soon. Probably within an hour or two. But it might be a couple days
before I can actually navigate to it, up to twenty four hours, maybe up to forty eight
hours really before that domain circulates since I just bought this domain today. So
hopefully I’ll be able to start this domain on April first. And I’m gonna try try to get
to the number one spot for chiropractor in Miami by April second or third. Then we’ll
probably sell it. (lol) uh, so, that’s the process. Okay. I am done linking that domain
so I’m going to log out for now. Alright, that’s really the purpose of this video. But,
wait, there’s more. Um let me close out my GoDaddy stuff. We’re done with GoDaddy and,
uh, if you’re stumbling across this video on YouTube, click here on the free online
course at And then, uh, take the whole course start to finish.
Okay, that’s my adbertisement for that excellent program. And I just want to show one thing
on why I named my folder “16 hyphen something”. This, by the way is an FTP program. You’ll
be able to find a link to it on the right side of my page. I use it regularly. And this
here chiropractor fort lauderdale fl dot com is my hosting package. And if you go down
here, I numbered my websites by by numbers so I can look at their folders that way and
see see what’s in them. This last one, fifteen, was the last one I connected a couple days
ago. Uh, shortly we will see a sixteen hyphen Miami folder that should show up within the
next hour or so based on the work I just did. And my new web site folder for that will go
here. That does not mean that they will have anything to do with this domain. They will
link directly. And just to show that, as an example, let’s look at this one here. Thirteen
hypen C I P B, uh, that would go to chiropractor pompano beach right here. And you see that
domain stays in the title bar. So, a little bonus material here on this video. Again,
I’m Michael Haley with and, uh, do the videos in order. I’ll see
you next time.


  • Michael Haley

    @CAVALIERSx49ERS if you just purchased it, you might have to wait hours to days for it to work, then, once you set it, more hours to days for things to populate on the internet. But, to see the steps, I just made a video called "How to forward a domain name with Godaddy". Go to my youtube channel – it should be up on top.

  • tokyorose999

    wait i just purchased a domain name from godaddy, so i need to buy hosting from them, or some other website also to get it to work online? (im doing a simple portfolio by the way) thanks!

  • Michael Haley

    @thefedexpope Sorry for the delay… I was in the Dominican Republic and away from the internet for a while. Regarding your new domain, if you haven't done it yet, just log in and add it to the cart and checkout. from there, give it about a day. Then, you just need to watch and do the video on installing wordpress. I hope that helps.
    ~dr. michael haley

  • x D3G3N3R8 NATION x

    can I point my .com site to my new ? make the two URL's go to the same website? if so can you expalin how please? do I just need to point the DNS at the same place on both domain names?

  • Michael Haley

    You can "forward" one of the domains to the other site which is a safe way to go. You don't want two domains with the same content. But having one forwarded is just that. The one being forwarded does not gain any search engine favor.

  • Jarrod Blamey

    Hi Michael, I really like your videos thanks a lot. I have a slight problem with my Go Daddy account I have a domain name coming up on the web as one of my other domains. Do you have a video you could direct me towards to solve this issue. Thanks heaps Jarrod

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