Let’s make the web faster
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Let’s make the web faster

Google is very interested improving the speed of the web because the web is the most important platform of our time. And by making the web better and faster we not only make Google applications better but in fact all the applications users know and love We also believe that people are using the web more and more as a place to read, view video In order for that information to be useful we need to make sure that it is delivered in a timely fashion. You know I think we are just at the beginning of how fast we can make the web. It is hard for us to imagine the improvements that we’ve made just in the last 15 years. If you think about how slow the web was when it initially started and how far we’ve come Larry Page expressed a vision of being able to go from webpage to webpage as quickly as you could turn the pages in a glossy magazine Uploading pictures, watching high definition movies, running very complex JavaScript based apps, all those things can and should be instantaneous in the future. Making the entire web faster is a big challenge and although Google is a major player in the internet, it can not move the entire internet on its own We all collectively have to work together and Google is very interested in helping move those initiatives forward; helping software developers write applications that are faster, helping ISPs understand what is limiting their networks. We also plan to work with standards bodies to make the web protocols more speed friendly than what they are today. If we could come up with changes, enhancements or even alternatives to TCP/IP, or HTTP you know that might have a significant impact We’ll have to advocate for it, we’ ll have to explain, talk about it, educate users, educate other companies and work towards this. So this will be a series of difficult advocacy steps over a long period of time. Making the web faster is important not just to Google but we believe it is important to everybody. The web has become the dominant computing platform of our time. It is the platform by which people communicate socially, it is the way we exchange ideas, it is the platform that runs the applications we care most about. And by making the web as fast as it can be we think the whole world benefits I think the most immediate impact will be the number of people using the web will just increase dramatically You are going to see more high speed and faster performing phones and mobile devices in people’s hands New markets can form, people will be making purchasing decisions on the spot instead of you know going back home and sitting down at their computer. So there are a lot of I think future benefits to be had and I think the world can really benefit from having information access faster We should also hold out as a goal, as an aspiration for what we could achieve by making the internet a faster place, is raising the quality of life around the world.


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