Lesson 7: How to purchase Hosting | Start Website Online
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Lesson 7: How to purchase Hosting | Start Website Online

Click the discounted link in the description
below and click on it. Once you click on the page you will see this
Bluehost homepage. Now we can see a Get Started button on that
page. Click the button. Now we can see 3 types of hosting plans here. You will see a basic plan, plus plan and the
choice plus plan. For beginners, I recommend going with the
basic plan and in the future, you can always scale up whenever you would like. If you have more than 1 website then you can
choose either plus plan or choice plus plan. I am going to choose the basic plan for this
tutorial as this is the most common plan. Go ahead and hit the select button on whichever
plan you would like to choose. In this page, we get the option to get a FREE
Domain from Bluehost. But I don’t recommend getting a FREE Domain
from Bluehost for now. As we already purchased the domain name from
Namecheap we can just enter the domain name here. I am going to type in the domain name which
I have purchased and click the next button. You are now about to create your account page. This is where you will input your information. We have the first name, last name, business
name is optional, you can change the country according to your country and enter the details
like city, pin code, phone number, and email address. Make sure the email address is working email
id because you will be getting the confirmation mail to this mail id. Next comes the package information. Basically, there are 3 types of pricing plans
here in Bluehost. You can take the hosting plan for 1 year,
2 years or 3 years depending on your comfort. So for this plan, we can go with this plan
for now and you can uncheck these options as there are many free other alternative options
available. Now comes the payment information. You can pay the payment either using a credit
card or if you have PayPal you can click on this option, SEE MORE payment options. Now you get the option to pay with Paypal
as well. So, enter either the details of credit card
or Paypal and check this button of “I have read and agree to Bluehost terms and conditions
and cancellation policy” and click on Submit. You will be directed to a Congratulations
page. Bluehost will also email your dashboard login
information to the email address you provided. Check your email to verify your account. Now it will ask you to set up a password for
your hosting account. After creating the new password, save the
password in your notepad. So we have finally purchased the hosting from
Bluehost. Now let’s come to Assignment 2. In this assignment, I want you to follow the
step-by-step guide to purchase the hosting from Bluehost. Once the purchase is done we will proceed
with the next step.

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