• Pulkit Srivastava

    Please tell me, If i am preparing for gate by myself , so should i follow any coaching videos or nptel videos are enough. For good rank in Gate. Plz tell me

  • Shashank Kumar

    Sir, at 13:50 u said about converting to polar from Cartesian but if my complex number= -3+j4, then my r=sqrt(3^2+4^2), which is 5 so r=5 but now my theta=taninverse(-4/3) so theta would be between 0 to -pi/2….but then my x=r*cos(theta) which is +ve as cos of negative number is positive and my, y = r*sin(theta) which is a -ve number since sin of a negative number is also negative…but it is coming opposite the number i have taken originally

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