LeaseWeb Hosting Gipfel Berlin (LeaseWeb Sales Event Berlin)
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LeaseWeb Hosting Gipfel Berlin (LeaseWeb Sales Event Berlin)

When you have a great idea, we want you to focus
on your intellectual property… …with the best solution and background
that can be provided. We named it ‘Success with LeaseWeb’,
because we’re enablers. We enable our customers/partners
to have success with their ideas. My name is Benjamin Schönfeld.
I’m the Managing Director of LeaseWeb Germany. As you may know Dell does not have their
own cloud services. So we built up an ecosystem of partners. And we see more and more
opportunities and chances… … to position LeaseWeb with our customers to jointly help them move into the cloud. We’ve been a LeaseWeb customer for
well over a year now. We went from Amazon AWS… …to real bare metal hardware and our own racks. But with breathing room. A big topic in Germany is all around security. And LeaseWeb has spent an enormous effort
on getting certified. So we’re more than happy to propose them to our customers. We wanted a divers scheme of
keynote speakers and presenters… …to enable everybody in the audience
to really see an interesting event. The fear is probably always that LeaseWeb will have eighty percent of the presentations. And that wasn’t the case. There were good presentations by LeaseWeb.
There were good presentations from their partners. I’m gonna bore the audience a bit with
some facts around cloud… …and what is happening and trends and tendencies… …in order to give some help to the end customers
who are thinking about diverging to the cloud. It provided a nice mix of thought provoking,
really learning more about LeaseWeb… …and learning more about how customers
build their own infrastructure. And that was a good mix. My personal highlight is Prof. Gunter Dueck. He always has extraordinary ideas, bringing new thoughts into traditional thinking. 21 years ago Bill Gates said:
Banking is necessary, banks are not. Integration of everything or
Internet of Things. That cars talk to each other, robots talk to each other. This is a completely different dimension. So all the enterprises have to start
to practice in this field. With the cars, I’m right. And with the diabetes, I’m also right. But not with the cloud.
That is still uncertain. Gunter Dueck is very good at getting the point across
that stuff is changing. And he gives you a few pointers of
what you can possibly use.. …with people that are afraid of that change. All these developments are already available. Everything becomes integrated in the cloud
in a decade from now. Germany is only now slowly realizing that this digitization is going on. I hope that they go home with the impression that the partner they chose to host their infrastructure… …is able to provide them with deeper thoughts on different topics to implement in the future.

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