• Ronald Irwin

    Yahweh has a way…

    Of letting us know who HIS elect is and you are my brother Steve.

    I had an extremely rough night last night. It was definitely "silent night".

    But I made it through it and guess what? It is turn around season.

  • eliuta Lopez

    Im glad That god let me find pastor Steven, im having a hard time for the past 3months and he is building me up, thank you Jesús, prays god

  • Rachel Hill

    I woke up late today and wasn’t going to make it to church on time, so I came on YouTube and decided to listen to this sermon! God knew I needed to hear this today!!! Thank you Pastor Steven!

  • joanna sharon

    Really this sermon changed my life…. Thank you JESUS. I turn from my sin. I trust in you. Make me a new creation lord. I have hope its an anchor for my soul…. God is doing a hidden work in our life. Amen!!! Thank you JESUS….

  • mookeychase0907

    "When you're down to nothing God is up to something" made me cry man. I been struggling holding onto my faith and belief that God hasn't forgot me. See we need something to give us hope even when we believe. I been passed over by jobs that I am more than qualified for laid off by a small company I helped build and grow and this gave me strength to hold on and believe…

  • Mike Moss

    I’m very new to Pastor Furticks sermons, & even more new to commenting on how I feel. But I had one of my best friends text me, asking for sermons on patience. I searched TD JAKES & Steven Furtick. This mission for my friend, has turned into a message for my very own soul. So grateful to be able to witness these sermons and take notes. Thank you Jeffrey Brooks for asking me to search for these, I can’t wait to see where God takes us! ??

  • pamela williams

    Bless you pastor I needed to hear this message . God will continue to fill you with his spirit to do what you are called to do for his glory ..

  • Jonathan Bryant

    You are such an inspiration to me! I was stuck in an addiction to drugs and I finally got out because God had his hand on me! Jesus is Lord!! I’m truly blessed to have him in my life! Thank you for reminding me to always have hope no matter what!! Thank you Lord for giving me hope!!

  • Meldrick Sipalay

    I am having a hard time now. I know I am in my barren season now. but with God's grace,I know,His banner season for me is about to come.. praise You Lord Jesus.

  • Meldrick Sipalay

    I have fallen down hard but I know,the harder the fall,the higher the bounce. thank God for your life Pastor Steven

  • Christine Sarah

    So amazed at the Lords Goodness to me. That his message came at a time of such hopelessness. Can't bless you enough Pastor Steven for your wonderful Words of life. The Lord continue to use you.

  • Francisco Mendoza

    Crazy!!!Just what I needed. Confirmation. Thank you pastor. Furtic. Seems like your always speaking to me. Thanks.

  • Francisco Mendoza

    Please I seek prayers. I know GOD but been feeling really distance. I’m on really hard situation. And GOD know I’m really trying. To my best…I do good for a while but then I fall off. I just want to remain straight with GOD and not go back to my bad habits.

  • Krys Kestrel

    I looked up sermons on patience, and this sermon came up. I recognized the name of Elevation Church and clicked on the video, and this is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  • Haydee Stoffel

    How can this message dated 12/25/16 be the perfect message for me 11/11/18???????? This is the day this is the time! Thank you! I needed this message today. God just spoke to me and whispered into my soul. I need to be rooted! I will bounce back up with Jesus Christ my Lord.

  • Matt Gietzen

    Amen I have a comeback coming. I was married to the most amazing woman ever. I say that because when we are at the lowest he will still answer your prayers and give you the desires of your heart. I love you Steve a big inspiration to me and my wife

  • Laura-Jane H

    Thank you! I've been going through a lot of hard situations! God has been faithful for the hard things in the past, I know He has a perfect plan for these trials I am now going through. His strength, not mine!

  • Writers Ink

    why youhave to yell and be dramatic?? I cant concentrate on what your saying. I really want to learn what your teaching because it sounds very wise but I cant watch too long cause your yelling,:( …I guess Ill miss the word again,Lord I pray youll send preachers that can just teach us in a calm manner times running out


    My grandmother is in the ER, I'm sad, lost, hopeless… I'm weak and in dispair. I really need God right now. I don't know how I can make it alone. God!

  • gypsy lim-ang

    I am also a preacher here in the Philippines. I love listening to your preachings Pastor. Keep up. I am praying for you.

  • Super Susi

    In my journal I drew a picture of a tree with roots. And God spoke to me and told me I was right there in the roots of the tree. This was about a month ago. I stood up at the end of the sermon and my bible fell on the ground and when I picked it up, there was a sticky note I wrote to myself that read " I am PLANTED not BURIED." An hour before I watched this sermon , I was praying and asking God to show me if I was doing everything right. I have literally been cut down to a stump in my life, but the way I have been depending on God to get me through has been overwhelming. This is affirmation!! And affirmation that doesn't lay in the hands of people or other things! THANK YOU JESUS!

  • Melani Witherspoon

    Gods timing is Amazing. Currently Learning Hope the Hard way but now more Hopeful. God Bless You Pastor Furtick!!

  • Kai To

    Thank you, Pastor Furtick for your obedience to Christ in all the areas of your life that no one can see for this is no way you can have a message in such a public platform that impacts so many people (and that includes me!)

  • starfish687

    Please pray for me I'm in a very difficult situation and I still believe my life has a better purpose, it's just I'm attacked in all sides I can barely keep my head above water.

  • Jasmine Lumpkin

    I need prayers of a righteous man Mr Steven pray for me and my family my daughter Mariah and son shave my grandpa don't belie his name is Larry he is the one who needs to be touch by God he dying and needs saving before it's too late Thanks your sermons inspire me

  • Shane Smith

    After just spending several hours contemplating suicide at my late fathers grave due to my struggles not only did my friend some how find me and talked me out of it he then sent me this video which just sparked a NEW fire of HOPE within me. Praise God for giving this preacher of Christ this message so a man such as myself can absorb.

  • Frankie x

    I am in a financial situation with my job and i have a lot depending on me. I got a few days and i’ve been stressing but i’ve been listening to my gospel music and watching this is really helping me. My hardest battle i deal with putting ALL and not some but ALL of my faith and trust in God without question. Please pray for me and i’ll pray for you all! ❤️

  • Francis Mausley

    "Man is under all conditions immersed in a sea of God’s blessings. Therefore, be thou not hopeless under any circumstances, but rather be firm in thy hope." ~ Baha'i Faith

  • Roberto V

    I have been going thru some things that I cannot understand,evil dreams of places of pure destructiveness seeing these places I went thru some kind of epilipsy where I but my tongue, bled out on the floor and went back to bed as if nothing happened not until I got up with a terrible headache and I seen all the blood around and all the dried blood on my body I got real scared and ended up in the hospital for three days,my dreams were still there and messing with me ,to much destruction a place of Insanity ….The only way I could get some rest is only when I prayed and claimed the name of Jesus Christ, I asked for answers and in the morning pastor Steven whom I never heard of came up on my you tube and preaching learning hope the hard way and thank Jesus Christ for the answers and the pastor for putting the holy word out there cause I understand and I will be praying for more spiritual help. Brothers and sisters listen to pastor Steven what I have said I dreamt and seen is not a premonition but what evil does on an everyday basis destroy everything around you till it leads to your own destruction ,I raised my hand and give my life to my good Lord Jesus Christ my life here in Earth is difficult but the light will be shed thru Christ and I will receive my reward ….thank you Jesus Christ and for the wonderful gospel pastor steven

  • jepchirchir matilda

    All the disappointments i go through, are teaching me that nothing comes easy, i must struggle and learn it the hard way and still believe in my God. No matter the circumstances i pray God to keep my hope hard always.

  • Cipriana Carpenter

    I can't thank you enough for being one of the best Preacher's that I have seen in a long time and I am glad that you were the only one who helped me out of a lot of anger situations. Steven Furtick you are awesome. I really like it when you talk to Bishop Jakes. You are the both Pastor's that I absolutely appreciate. Sometimes it feels like you are speaking to me. I absolutely enjoy you and the word. My Mom noticed that we are born in the same year. Awesome!!

  • Cipriana Carpenter

    Please pray for me and my family. Me and my Mom are to much alike, but we need to get on one accord. Me and my sister don't get along. I am the only one who accepts my Father's daughter in our family so does my Mom. I just want all of our family to be together. I have lost 2 of my older children and I would love to see them around my family to also be able to get to know them.

  • Janell Trent

    Love it except the Clemson and Buckeyes part lol……… I am an Ohioian in SC so I am used to it lol……

  • vessels of heaven

    Pastor you are so amazing God has really made you different from all order pastor you hit the right message when it seems am going to give up, I have just drug my rope of suicide because I head this message when still on it. I followed you always life is so had for me in Germany am a migrat.. you litrally expectoonal from all order pastor,Am also a young minister who God is using here but most at times I ask my self if God is throughly with me because of the people around me am so talented with too many Grace sir I need some one who can be by my side to meet this might grace of God to be active. Thanks very much I believe you reply me when is get this or rather anyone can still write me to encourage me… thanks to elevation ministry More Grace…love you all? pastor you gath the right team working with you….

  • Mic Har

    I was really losing hope in God, I really have to admit it. I had lost my job, all my money is gone and all the bills are overdue. Everything feels like it is not working out. Can get a job. Feel like God is punishing me. Feel alone. WHY? Why is this happening? I got so frustrated today and just lost it and screamed at God. What else? When is this going to end? I don't understand and I probably never will but this message gave me the hope I needed to keep pushing forward even though I can't see the outcome. God really hears our cries. Really hears our hearts. He really cares.

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