• Dave Cullins

    I attempted three different trades growing up and I got bullied within days in all of them.

    The one where it took the longest was when I was learning smithing and how to be a mechanic – it took them 5 days for the other classmates to begin calling me names and stalk me home.

    You might look down on white collar work, but there I don't get abused or bullied for being autistic or because I didn't make enough friends fast enough to shield me.

  • HiPetitGateau

    Wish mike was still doin shows. Why dont they have him on air doin what he does?
    Im sure its cause he doesnt promote the hollywood agenda of “be entitled and do nothing”
    He promoted self reliance and hard work.

  • Toni Leaf

    For a while, I wanted to go into the animation industry. I thought about going to school for it, or even simply being self taught. Now, I see no market for animation, and realized that if I want to make a living, I need to be looking for jobs that are in demand.

  • Einezweioctopi

    It's hilarious how they start the intro with "Remarkable People" and there's a picture with Bill Clinton in the lower left-hand corner.

  • MegaJkd123

    The reason skilled worker jobs like plumbers, pipe fitters, steel workers, etc… is because illegal immigrants take all those jobs.

  • Jack Colebank

    Mike I've been a fan since the first dirty jobs. I hope you visit the college circuit. Maybe your style of humor will help the snowflakes get a better idea of what the world needs.

  • Samuel May

    What a legend. So authentic. Be great if he ran but could he stay independent of special interests. Union support would be fair. Really it would considering what he is discussing that is needed.

  • Steve McGrath

    Being blue collar at what I consider a dirty job (receiving associate, locator and forklift driver) is a point of pride for me. I have worked 80 plus hours a week at this job in a warehouse where it can get around 100 degrees + on a summer day. I usually sleep around 4-6 hours a day because I also have my house to take care of. I would not trade it for anything. I wish that Mike had spoken at my graduation. It would have been incredible.

  • Earl Arrowood

    I am a very proud Certified Chef. 50 years in the industry…. 37 of which in culinary arts education at a community college level. Proud of what I know, what I did and what a do. It’s a hard work industry and desperate for more younger and qualified culinarians. Find your place and the rewards will be there. It’s full of energy, creativity and the networking is amazing.

  • Tony Jones

    Is there a skilled trade for a guy pushing sixty, riddled with rheumatoid arthritis and wearing bifocals? If there is, let me know (seriously)…!

  • Judy S

    He is so right especially at the end there. My youngest son shakes his head at how basically helpless most men his age are when it comes to home and cars. They have a problem and have to call someone else. Those someone elses are getting harder to find.

  • Anthony Smith

    He's so right. I know plenty if skilled workers who make more money than most college graduates with no debt and a lake house

  • Talkalota Rademacher

    Absolutely spot on and ahead of his time! Since I was a kid, as far back as I can remember, i knew I wanted to be in construction. I was treated like an idiot from alot of people but persevered. I am so proud of what I do and my kids think that I am a hero. I am a heavy equipment operator that installs underground sewer, storm and water pipe. Without people like me, others would not be able flush their toilets, the streets would be flooded and fire fighters would not not have any hydrants. Awesome speaker. Thank you Mike!

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