Learn to buy domain and hosting for your joomla website
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Learn to buy domain and hosting for your joomla website

In this lecture you’ll be learning how
to get a domain and hosting for your website If you already have a domain and want hosting you may need to see this video if you already have domain and hosting
then feel free to skip this joomla website hosting video To buy hosting for your website you will need to open up a browser I’ll be opening up Google Chrome go to www.yourjoomlatutor.com/hosting In the next page that appears you will see that there are a number of plans for example this 5$ per month joomla hosting plan There are also plans which cost 35$per year to 20$ per month I will be choosing 5$ per month plan because this is more than enough for what we are trying to accomplish I I will hit sign up in the next page you can choose to pay
annually Which is 50$ per year including a free domain If you choose to pay annually I will be entering a domain which I want for example I will want a domain like this thisismynewmarketingwebsite.com I will hit check it is domain is available I will get an
option to buy it. Yes, this domain is available, so I can just by it by clicking save. now you will be wondering what this option of private registration is See there are two minutes to register your
Domain you can you go to just under two You can either register it privately or you can register it publicly If you register it publicly then others can know the domains you own Im fine with that so I will untick private registration and click save In this page, you will need to enter a legit email I will be putting in my mail Id I want to login my joomla hosting with you need to enter passwords two times you need to enter your name, company,
number etc Please make sure that information you are entering is 100 percent accurate Or else your account may get suspended Then you will need to enter your Credit card details here And you also need to answer a security question in order to retrieve your account in case you lose your password in the hositng coupon code area you can mention us Type yourjoomlatutor and hit apply to get a small discount by mentioning us we get a commission and you get a discount if you don’t want us to get a commission
you can just remove this and hit apply to pay full 50$ then you need to confirm that you agree to the Terms and
Conditions you can also read it up if you are interested then hit place my order However as I have not filled this, its not proceeding In the next page that appears you will see that your order has been confirmed after your card gets charged, you get an email
with the login details in the next lecture you will see how I will use the login details login to my joomla Web Hosting and make my website See you in the next lecture [ Joomla tutorials by www.yourjoomlatutor.com ]

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