Lean for State Departments: Hosting a Gemba Walk
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Lean for State Departments: Hosting a Gemba Walk

[Music] Lean is a methodology first introduced
by Toyota and now used by organizations across the globe to
continuously improve any process by working to reduce waste and increase efficiency. The goal is to create value for customers by using less resources
and improving value within processes. The state of California has embraced this
methodology through the California Lean Academy The Academy teaches state workers to apply the methodology in their own jobs. A crucial part of the Yellow Belt
training involves a Gemba walk. The walk entails directly observing
the processes and work of a department and talking to the employees to see exactly what is happening and
what could be improved. The participants then develop
recommendations based on what they’ve seen. The California Lean Academy needs departments who are willing to sponsor
Gemba walks for its participants For departments there are
many benefits. Your employees will get to see
the Lean process in action. And afterwards you will get to see
the students recommendations, which can help you increase
efficiency and make other improvements To learn more about sponsoring
a Gemba walk, contact us at [email protected] ca.gov [Music]

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