Le pitch de Qarnot Computing qui a inventé le premier radiateur numérique
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Le pitch de Qarnot Computing qui a inventé le premier radiateur numérique

Qarnot is a French startup
created in 2010 in Montrouge that is now
a team of 28 people. We created the first computer-radiator
that integrates microprocessors as a heatsource. This makes us an alternative to
the traditional datacenter. Instead of having servers
concentrated in a datacenter, we distribute them throughout the city in the form of digital
radiators and boilers. This allows us to provide
computing for less, because we don’t have to
build a datacenter and we don’t have to cool the servers. This also means we can use
part of the heat produced by the computer servers to provide free, eco-friendly heating. For us, our business is the cloud. We provide computing power
to our customers, who are banks, animation studios
and research institutes, but at the same time we are
cloud customers ourselves and, this allows us to deal with
excess demand. For example in the summer,
when there is less of a need for heating, but just as much need
for computer power, we will typically move our computing
into the OVH datacenters so that it can be done even in the hottest weeks of the year. in the hottest weeks of the year. We chose OVH for the quality of
its servers, their almost immediate availability
and the cost. Today, we use services from Hosting, Storage and vRack, and it is
absolutely the best choice for us today. Working with the OVH Digital Launch
Pad program allowed us to bring our customers new services. Typically, we offered them GPUs,
or graphics cards. These are very powerful processors
and are particularly useful for 3D animation. This is one of the most useful things
about the program for us. Qarnot will win the Digital Launch
Pad Awards because our idea is disruptive, unique,
eco-friendly and economical: reusing the heat generated by computer processors to provide free and eco-friendly heating,
and also providing computing power for less because
we don’t have to build our datacenters and
cool them down. This is a truly unique idea
that the world needs.

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  • Chris Minnoy

    To be fair, Qarnot didn't invent the computer heater. It already existed in 2010 and was and still is used by many volunteer computing fans then and today. They just packaged it more cleanly.

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