LAW OF ATTRACTION TIP #1: Look Beyond Current Reality
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LAW OF ATTRACTION TIP #1: Look Beyond Current Reality

hey everybody is your girl Wendy welcome
back to my channel thank you so much for subscribing and also hitting that little
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the comments saying we spawned to all them thank you so much so today for
easy law attraction and this is tip number oh one okay looking beyond current
reality this is a really good one because what’s happening a lot of times
when we’re like trying to manifest something we’re trying to go after our
dreams our desires and basically the reality so far from it we’re like what
the hell like how are we going to ever get there first of all how is never
never ever ever your problem the universe is the one who takes care of
the house you don’t have to worry about how you just have to have inspired
actions and when you feel the inspire actions which is the universe giving you
hints about who to talk to what to talk about where to go those are inspired
actions when you are asked by the universe to do those inspire actions to
help you move towards your goal that’s when you really have to follow through
with the how because that leads you to the house and all that information will
be given to you but the most important thing is to not look at the current
reality because a lot of times the current reality may not feel so good so
let me give you an example right now I’m in the process of moving to a very
beautiful exotic place which I’ll announce later but it’s a big deal I’ve
been living in New York City for 19 years for me to move is a big friggin
deal I don’t have a place to live I don’t have employment I don’t really
have that much money in the bank per se I have
surmount savings I don’t know exactly when is the best time to move I don’t
really know anybody there’s a lot of like house that are like big question
mark but this is like my current reality but I’m just not looking at the current
reality instead I’m looking at different possibilities what are the things that
are possible is it possible that I could be meeting someone that could guide me
to the right directions is it possible that I could be making money from
YouTube now that I’ve started YouTube again and that you know that will help
me with my financial situation is it possible that there’s a concert a gig
that will come through that will help me what I can tell you is how the universe
is delivering is I reach out to this one person who runs a festival in this new
place and it turns out that he’s also Chinese in Cantonese he’s mad cool and
when I contacted him he lives far away he happened to be coming to New York
synchronistic and so we met up totally hit it off and he’s so willing to help
me now he asked me to go to where he is and may I’m gonna review where I’m going
soon I just I don’t want to give it away yet so it’s keep watching anyway so he’s
like Big Time helping me finding a place to live and hooking me up with people
that he knows just a lot of different things like I feel like literally he was
sent from the universe to help me out so I wasn’t worried about how I just knew I
wanted to move to this new place so if I’m looking at the current reality which
was like I don’t know anybody I don’t have any money I don’t know I’m not sure
but what if I kept looking at that guess what more of that was gonna grow so
whatever you focus on whether it’s good or bad want it and want it whatever you
focus on it roast so you kind of have to focus on the possibilities what is
possible and not look at the current reality because the current reality is
really nothing but a manifestations of your thoughts in the past or the unknown
or whatever was in the past that’s the current reality so you don’t have to
look at your current reality because that’s not important in order to
manifest a future reality you have to look at your thoughts your desires
your dreams and how you feel about it currently and all that is gonna manifest
in the future whatever you’re feeling right now whether it is unwanted or
negative or like you know going through a breakup or there’s some drama in your
life things are not going well don’t look at that reality don’t feel bad
because that is merely a manifestation of the past look to the future look to
possibility look look at the goodness that will manifest and trust that that
will come to you so I hope this is helpful let me know down below if you
found it helpful and do share the video thank you so much and I have other
videos right here right now linked here and down below and I will see you next
time okay


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