Landing Pages That Convert ?17 Simple Tactics & Hacks
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Landing Pages That Convert ?17 Simple Tactics & Hacks


  • Omnia Production

    Hello Antoine and thanks for the valuable video again. Could you tell us how do you put those 17 recommendations by order on a landing page? So what comes first and what comes at the end when scrolling? Thank you very much

  • Zvi Twersky

    I learn so much from you but you say that social icons don't answer questions and should go in the footer. But since 95% of visitors never scroll to the footer and social icons and a phone number give an element of authority, why shouldn't they go above the fold?

  • Exposure Ninja

    Less is 100% more. There's something called the "Attention Ratio" which Oli Gardner of Unbounced talks about (I think there's a video out there somewhere which explains this well) which says that, the more things there are to see and potentially click on your landing page, the harder it is to get the user to click the right call-to-action.

  • Brett Wharton

    Thanks for all the specificity in this video. If you're looking for a landing page video with real examples, watch this one!

  • David Arm

    Hi Antoine, I love your content research and writing approach, I popped over to your website to see if you have a monthly membership course, I could not see one, I guess I wanted to ask, do you have a monthly membership course elsewhere? Also on your site, Not sure if it's a typo or buzzword > Where You Can Find Me > YouTube Icon "Fresh monthly educational ontent", The C is missing, the page is thanks David

  • PlayOne

    Hey heads up for great content!
    My landing page has an application for Ios/android. Is it necessary that only CTA button can download the app or I can keep it with the automatic download?
    What do you suggest?

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