Kuo skiriasi GEEK’as nuo NERD’o?
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Kuo skiriasi GEEK’as nuo NERD’o?

Hello, my name is Agne Juskenaite and today in #GeekPropaganda we are going to answer the age old question What’s the difference between a GEEK and a NERD? For the ones who have been living under a rock Both, geeks and nerds, are people of their niche in which they have their own lifestyle, hobbies, clothing styles and so on But(t)! These two are really similar, yes and today we will try make it clear once and for all on who is who and what is what. Before we start: if there is a geek living in your heart too, don’t forget to subscribe to GeekPropaganda I upload geeky stuff every week. Also I want to thank the PATREONS of this channel Without you – none of this would be available! Thank you a lot and now – to the first point of the list. 1. The Clothing Stereotypically – and only stereotypically, that doesn’t have to be your or mine understanding of “real” But, we usually imagine nerds wearing some kind of blue or gray button up shirt put inside of the pants that go all the way up to their armpits with glasses older than your grand-grandmother and so on They dress like their style came from watching their grandpa dress up and, if I can say so they do really care less about how they look. Geeks, on the other hand, are usually a little brighter on their clothing usually we imagine geeks wearing colorful T-shirts maybe sneakers with different laces or anything that has animation on it At this point, Geeks kinda “win” in the eyes of society because of their “cooler” looks but hey, it’s not wise to judge a book by it’s cover. 2. Terminology In 19th century’s America they had travelling circus that had a program called “Geek Show”. Today we know it y a different name – Freak Show. In 1975 American dictionary there was only one description for the word “Geek”. “A carvinal performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts… …as biting of the head of a live chicken”. This description is still IN the dictionary today. But now it’s one of five possible descriptions. Four others were created when “geek” as a term for a “strange person” was taken by technologies and hobbies and so it became the term we know today. Of course, I have no idea, maybe someone’s at home has a hobby to eat live chicken from the head down… That was a strange fact for me too, ok. “Nerd” as a term, has a few possible origin stories There is a funny story that once “nerd” was written with a “K” in front of it You don’t pronounce the “K” obviously and with “U” instead of “E”. Anyway, it was pronounced exactly the same . Notice, that KNURD is the exact opposite of DRUNK. So the story tells that “Nerds” were the ones who didn’t drink during the parties and were boring or difficult to talk to – NERDS I don’t really believe this is true story and another, more serious origin story tells us that term “Nerd” first appeared in 1950 book “If I Ran The Zoo” by Dr. Seuss I can’t comment on a book that I haven’t read but in the same year the term “nerd” had this meaning of a boring, old-fashioned person as we know it today 3. Knowledge orientation The way of thinking is very important here. Geeks and nerds often like the same things. That’s why we have such a big problem with telling them apart. Geeks are more “collection” oriented in the way they think. Means, they like to “collect” things, memorabilia, facts or knowledge about their favorite topic. Just like I like to collect every Joker-related. Or like if some super-mega-turbo Star Wars geek would learn every single person who played stormtrooper in Star Wars movies Just so he or she could brag about it to other geeks. Nerds, on the other hand, are more goal-oriented. They like to know their stuff in theory and practical means. Means, while geeks will argue about who would win 400 stormtroopers or the Spiderman Nerd will learn about lightsabers and make a working copy for himself at home. 4. Different way of knowing things Both geeks and nerds can be interested in a similar topic but at some point they will choose a “side” of the topic they are more attracted to. For example, both geeks and nerds can be interested in computer stuff. But when we talk about professional programmer or IT professor, we talk about NERD And when we talk about computer games, newest technology trends or even vlogging – we think “geeks” You can’t deny it: nerds do actually have a bigger need for knowledge and intelectual activity. and then geeks can be called “the fans” of their topic. For some reason I’m thinking about Steve Jobs A nerd who created something all geeks love and praise 5. Society If I forget all the stereotypes and look at this seriously, I honestly can’t understand why, but statistics show that 87% of people preferbeing called “a geek” instead of “a nerd” Next to that, 60% of people younger than 20 years take “geek” as a compliment Why does society reject the ones who seem to be more intelectual, educated and overall smarter? Leave your opinion in the comments below. To conclude this: To collect: whatever would it be, figures, comics, shoe laces, facts – is geeky Academic topics, like math, physics, biochemistry and other scary word – nerdy Intellectualism – geeky but education is more nerdy. Newest IT technologies and trends – geeky but deeper knowledge of it – nerdy Pop culture – obviously geeky but creating a working replica of time machine from “Back to the Future” in your garage… Super nerdy. Anime, manga, comics, animation – yes, very geeky but if you are fluent in that one dialect that was literally used once in that one anime TV show That’s extra nerdy, ok. And so on! I hope we managed to draw at least some kind of line between these two terms today Which one – a geek or a… *Dogs barking* Which one – a geek or a nerd – you’d say you are? I, personally, think I have a part of both, but in public it’s definetely the GEEK I’m showing off. I’ll be reading your answers in the comments below. See ya!


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