Kristen Stewart on Dead Stereotypes and Dropping F-Bombs While Hosting SNL
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Kristen Stewart on Dead Stereotypes and Dropping F-Bombs While Hosting SNL

-Thank you for dressing up.
Oh, my gosh. You’re spooky. This is spooking me out.
It’s freaky. Happy Halloween. What are you? -Okay, it has a really
long explanation, which makes my costume,
like, you know, very characteristically
weird and awkward, because it’s not like
I’m a dead baseball player. My girlfriend
is a dead cheerleader. She’s, like, a fearleader. And she was like,
“You know, when people ask us what we are,
we should just be like, “Well, we’re socially
irrelevant, hetero-normative
gender roles that are dead. -Wow! Oh, my gosh.
How 2019 of you. -I know. It’s embarrassing.
-I’m so happy you dressed up. Do you normally — What is your
go-to Halloween costume? -I like to be a vampire. Yeah.
-You can’t. -I know.
-You can’t. -Well, I like people
to talk about me. You know what I mean? -But you’re in the
“Twilight” movies. You can’t be the vampire. -No, but it’s more like
“Lost Boys.” -Ooh! it is “Lost Boys.”
Ooh! I like that. Do you go all out? Do you decorate
your house and everything? -Yes.
-You do? -Yes. I do.
Well, I have done, yeah. -Yeah, I don’t really
go for it that much. I don’t really like to get
scared or any of that stuff. -Oh, really?
-I’m not really into that. No, no.
-I don’t get scared. -You never get scared?
-I don’t get scared. -Boo!
-[ Laughs ] You really don’t. You laughed at me. -This one year, I went, like, so
completely wild at my house that my neighbors complained. I had, like, a whole sort of,
like, scene, murder scene, with, like, a mattress
that I did this to. And then the parents came,
and they were like, “My kids are terrified,
and this is inappropriate. And it’s too far.” And then I had other people
coming up being like, “Don’t even listen to them.” Like, the cool-mom thing,
and I was like, “Okay. I’ll get the body off the bed,
but the bed stays.” -Oh, wow.
-Yeah. -You’re a good neighbor. Yeah, that’s very nice, you
don’t creep them out too much. -I don’t want to make kids,
like, cry and stuff. -Of course not. You’re hosting “SNL” this
weekend for the second time. -Yeah, dude.
-Are you psyched? -I’m stoked. -Is it fun?
Is it fun up there? -Yes. No, I feel less
palpitation-y this time. It’s great. I feel amazing.
Yeah, yeah. -Yeah, ’cause you know
most of the cast from the last time
you hosted, right? -Mm-hmm. Yeah. -That was a great show.
I loved it. There was a little, tiny hiccup at the beginning
after your monologue. -I should just hiccup through
my whole monologue this time. Just be like…
[ Hiccups ] -That’s pretty good, actually.
I like that character. But I don’t know if
you remember. You cursed a little bit. -Well, I’m getting
reprimanded again now. It’s like, “I don’t know if you
remember, but…” -Yeah. Unh-unh-unh.
Get out a ruler. -Yeah.
-Yeah, what happened? You just blank or you just… -No, I was feeling
really present and in the moment,
and so I didn’t blank. I actually was, like,
really giving her. And, yeah, it was like
the one time I stepped off the teleprompter,
’cause it’s at the end, and I go like,
“Anyway, I am really excited.” Instead of “really,”
I said, not that. -Yeah. -And, yeah, it was —
I never, honestly — I had, like, someone speak —
Numerous people come up to me like four different times
before the show, because I had been, like, kind
of stumbling through rehearsal, ’cause I was really
self-conscious and embarrassed, and I was like, “I can’t do this
until it’s the moment and, like, you know,
it’s game on.” And, so, I was like, “Yeah…”
[ Mumbling ] And a lot of that was cursing. And then they were like,
“You can’t do that on the show. You cannot do that on the show.”
And I did it on the show. -After they told you, “Don’t do
it on the show,” yeah. -I was like, “Would I ever?
What do you think I am? I would never do that.” -Yeah, And then, right out of
the gate, you did it. -Yeah, yeah. -But they loved you so much,
they wanted you back, ’cause you were really good. Aww! They love you, yeah.
And Coldplay, which is awesome. I heard their new record.
It’s fantastic. -I just saw them rehearsing.
It was really fun. -They’re amazing.
We made Chris Martin — -Chris Martin goes, “Hey, Chris Martin
from the band Coldplay.” -Yeah.
-It was like, “Yeah.” -I kind of know who you are.
Yeah, I know who you are. Last time he was on the show,
I made him do the worm. I was like,
“Do you break-dance? Do you dance at all?” He was like,
“Well, I guess I could.” I go, “Could you do the worm?”
And he’s like, “Alright.” And he just did the worm
all the way over to The Roots. -That’s full on.
-That was pretty awesome, yeah. -Do you dance? “Not really.
Just kind of a little bit.” -I’m Chris Martin from Coldplay.


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