Kostenlose Domain (.tk/.ml/.ga/.cf/.gq)
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Kostenlose Domain (.tk/.ml/.ga/.cf/.gq)

Hey guys Today I want to show you how to get a free .tk domain You have to go to this page I have linked you this page in the description Here can you enter the name of your free domain I enter Tutorialwork And now we can check if the domain ariviable And now we can select a domain want we want All of this domains are free I choose the .tk Domain Now we put the domain in the shopping cart and go to the cashier Now we are on the shopping cart page Here can you setting up the domain We setting up the domain in the after Here can we select the running time of the domain 1 year is free when you want longer then you must pay for the domain Now we hit continue Now we see the shopping car the endprice is 0$ Now we must be logged in or sign up I sign up me with my mailadress Now I have confirm my mailadress When we click the link in the email we came to this page We must enter the data of us here If you use not the real data can the domain be deleted Here enter you the new password Now confirm the password Check the box And complete the order The order is complete Now we go to the member area Hover about service and then click my domains Here can you see all details about your domains Now hit manage domain Now we are in the domain dashboard Hit nameservers Go to cloudflare this page was linked in the description Sign in or log in you I enter now my data Hit log in Here enter you your domain Hit scan Now we wait 1 minute to complete the scan we can watch the movie in this moment Now I have completed the scan after a minute Now we can see all the dns entrys Here can you add a dns entry When we enter here the german word for hello hallo then was redirect hallo.yourdomain.tk to the ipadress of the right field When we enter in the dropdown cname Then was hallo.yourdomain.tk redirect to the url of the right field for example google.de I add this entry When we use this domain for a minecraft server or for your teamspeak server I delete this entry Enter in the left field a @ The @ was mean that yourdomain.tk was redirect to your server When we select in the dropdown a the we can enter in the right field a ipadress And when we select cname we can enter a other domain like facebook.com When we enter for the @ a other text for example “play” forward play.yourdomain.tk to the target. I write in the field @ for yourdomain.tk I select in the menu a and enter the ip of the localhost. This is not very meaningful but its only a example. You enter on the field with your serveradress. Click the “Add Record” Button and click on the cloud to change the color to grey. It was added! The entry was created successfully. yourdomain.tk now redirects to If your Minecraft server or your Teamspeak server uses a different port than the default port then you have to make an other entry. Select a SRV Entry Write in the field at the top “_minecraft” if you use it for a minecraft server when you use it for a teamspeak server write “_ts3”. Hit the button. In this field your enter the port the you use. Hit again the button. Click the green “Add Record” button Now when you enter in the browser yourdomain.tk it redirect to


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