Korea’s biggest broadcast contents market BroadCast WorldWide kicks off on Wednesday
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Korea’s biggest broadcast contents market BroadCast WorldWide kicks off on Wednesday

South Korea’s entertaining media content is
gaining popularity around the world. And this week, Korea is hosting its biggest
broadcast contents market to introduce content to prospective buyers. Lee Min-sun reports. BroadCast WorldWide, or BCWW, Korea’s biggest
contents market for international broadcasting networks and buyers opened in southern Seoul
on Wednesday. 170 companies from 40 countries including
China, Japan, Turkey and the U.S. are taking part at this year’s event. It’s an opportunity for content creators to
get their latest work in the spotlight. While previous events mainly focused on television
dramas, this year the organizers tried to expand their scope and introduce other popular
programs like variety and entertainment shows to foreign broadcast companies. The organizers also hope to highlight the
potential of licensing content for other formats like cartoons. “I’m doing some kind of research about K-pop
and I’m here to find some kind of contents that explain the phenomena of K-pop because
I would like to apply what Korean made with its music in Brazil.” “Arirang TV makes a range of programs including
news, documentaries, lifestyle shows and K-pop shows. Our most popular programs are K-pop programs
such as Simply K-pop and After School Club. This year we are also presenting high quality
online cooking content and tour programs.” Arirang TV has also invited 16 producers from
Chinese media outlets for a regular two-week cooperative program to create content together
and promote Korean programs to a broader market. The annual event also gives participants the
chance to take a closer look at the future of content for broadcast and new media. Experts give presentations about the evolution
of content and platforms amid changes in technology like the 5G network. “This year’s event is also providing more
public-friendly events like fan meetings with webtoonists, documentary film screenings and
lectures by a popular digital content creator. BCWW runs till Friday at COEX in Seoul. Lee Min-sun Arirang News.”

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