Komunitas SB1M – Rifanda Gia Zulfikar – Testimonial/Review About Dewaweb Cloud Hosting

Hello, my name is Rifanda Gia Zulfikar, SB1M’s mentor and one of Dewaweb’s customer. I am also the CEO of where I use Dewaweb’s hosting service. Why did I choose Dewaweb? First it’s because of the service. I’ve tried using other hosting before, however whenever I encounter problems, . I always go to Dewaweb’s support for help, It’s fast and for me, it’s the number one service because everytime I contacted Dewaweb’s live chat feature, they always replied and helped me right away. It’s different compared to the other hosting where I had to queue for their live-chat. When I use Dewaweb, the moment I typed ‘Mas!’, Dewaweb will reply me right away. It’s definitely one of Dewaweb’s best service. I also really like using Dewaweb because its hosting is very fast for our visitors. The feature I like the most is cPanel. We are equipped with cPanel by Dewaweb, in which we can install PHP all versions, set subdomain, addon domain, and install WordPress. Because we are using WordPress in SB1m, we don’t need to use scripts for installation process which makes it easy. The WordPress installation information will be emailed, all from cPanel. Dewaweb’s service is really the best and their Ninja Support is number one, so you have to try Dewaweb. Also, Dewaweb has received ISO 27001 Certification for its security. So guys, try Dewaweb!

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