“Knock Knock.” “Who’s There?” “Mr. Process Server. Open the Door, I Have Something For You.”
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“Knock Knock.” “Who’s There?” “Mr. Process Server. Open the Door, I Have Something For You.”


  • Veronica Rodriguez

    I had made a previous attemp with the sherriffs dep. to have the papers served at his parents house being he claims to live there, but his parents told the sherriffs dept. they didnt know of his whereabouts. My index file number did expire on the 19th of this month but i was told if i can show proof that i made a previous attemp and then managed to have him served on March 26th {which I did, by a court processor} , I would be able to ask the courts for an extention. Is this true???/

  • Gerry Oginski

    Veronica, I only practice law in the State of NY and if this happened outside of NY I wouldn't be able to answer your question.

  • Dale Ferdinand

    Skip tracing is a tool that can be used to serve debtors. Its all a game. eventually….you will get served. It is always a matter of time. professionals are usually the ones that are good at hiding. Due diligence is a necessity of business now a days. Info…info….nice video!

  • Gerry Oginski

    Do your clients ever want to learn how their legal papers are delivered to the people they are suing?
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  • stowers157

    So, what's the answer?  Do you open the door or not?  Do you want your clients to receive their court papers and notices of hearings?  Or, do you just want to play the system to your benefit?  I've been a process server, and also served papers while I was a Police Officer.  I can't believe that you would give any advice that wasn't "beneficial" to your client, even if that meant dodging the service.  That's why I was getting paid 8 times what the local Sheriff's department was for serving papers.  For the most part, people know and expect the papers.  It was very seldom that somebody's attorney told them to "play the game".  My fees were charged by the hour after the first attempt.  Those were added to the "court fees", which the losing party had to pay.  It's always better to just take the paper and go to court to work out your squabble.  But, if it weren't for attorneys like you, I wouldn't be retired now.

  • TheManWhoWouldBeKing

    Nice video, I'm a mexican lawyer and I was wondering exactly how this kind of stuff works in the US. This was pretty useful and very well explained. Thanks!

  • SALO or The 120 Days of Sodom: I can't eat rice with my hands like this... Then eat Isht!

    This is urgent and I'm not sure where to ask. In NYC, is it legal for me to call someone I need served and tell them to meet me somewhere and have someone else serve them? Or do they have to be served when they're minding their own business and not tricked into it?

  • Susan Bettis

    Service must be given according to the State – this info is only good for NY. In Oklahoma we servers cannot just leave a copy on the door and send a cert. copy; we must document several attempts at service plus evidence that subject does in fact live at that address and then the judge will issue an order for alternate service.

  • John Doe

    What about getting a photo of the one you are serving? Can you attach that to the affidavit along with a written description of him/her? It would be even better than describing him/her. Or at least keep a copy so that if they try to say that it was not them you have something to compare with them sitting/standing in front of you. It would be helpful I think for people who fit a common description.

  • Doug Staples

    Thank you for the video. I recently had my case dismissed because they claimed my spouse was not served properly. I needed a court order to place an ad in the newspaper?? I did it without the order and presented to the court. At the time it was uncontested but the following month she had an attorney represent her. I was granted the annulment in Sept 2015 but it was vacated in May 2016. My question is if my spouse is hiding how can I serve her? She is accused of marriage fraud and is part of a network of immigration scammers in the Chicago area. Thank you

  • William Cordero

    Can papers be served on sundays if not can I dismiss the case because of bad service (I live in Pennsylvania)

  • Officer Gregory Stevens

    I live in Waterbury, CT and really wish I could be a process server. It's too bad (IMHO) that to do such work I'd first have to become a Deputy Sheriff or Sheriff and hope I get selected by a committee of about 13 persons…Any advice on other States or limited process service which may be done in CT/NY even by private citizens?

  • Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

    I answered the door today because I am responsible for my decisions in life. It's a radical idea.

  • karankenZ

    Hi Gerry,
    I was sued in June last year.
    The process server went to an old address (noted incorrectly by police officer in accident report) thinking I live there:

    His last entry in affidavit of diligence:
    -> 8/13/2017 – Bad address, per resident, no one by that name lives here. (Obviously, because it was a leased apartment and I had moved out of there more than a year ago)
    -> 8/14/2017 – Returned NOT served on : [name of defendant, me] by leaving a copy of the document with John Doe, refused name.

    They then served a summons. If they file a default judgement against me, can my lawyer argue against this ?

    When I had moved out of that apartment, I had signed a change of occupancy lease document with that leasing company for that address. I have a copy of it and it has signatures of me, the new tenant, the leasing company's manager and the date of move out was 2/01/2016.

    Can my lawyer use this to file a motion or answer against the plaintiff's default file or court's judgement.

  • Marty Lynchian

    So what if he does not pick up and you leave the copy by the door( and mail a copy) does that hold up in court? Do all this undercover cloak and dagger stuff is unnecessary to track down the person?

  • 美咲 吉田

    A lady came to the door late yesterday and I had to sign a court paper that was in my name even though I am 15. It had something to do with small claims (around $400). It might be something to do with my mom, but how would they get my name and be so sure? Any help is appreciated. It definitely caught me off guard.

  • garry12777

    There is no escape.
    After 3 serving attempts, all at different times, the server can tape those to the door. Best you can do is make him work more & lose money by avoiding the 3 attempts. He could've been serving someone else with those failed attempts.

    Edit: Oh and the server documents everything. There is no way out.

  • Sixfoursoul

    lol! 1 hour ago a lady came to my door saying she had a letter for " My Name " I didnt answer the door because I never answer the door.. I said through th e window " nobody" lives here by that name.. but looking out the window I can see it was looked like a summons .. but the person did not identify them selfs as a clerk ..I asked them to identify again they would not ..it was a lady she looked kinda dressed down ..but sounded pretty official. now what.?

  • Judgment Proof

    I just don't answer the door or acknowledge anyone I'm not expecting specifically. I also never answer my phone unless it's someone I know appearing on my caller ID. Therefore, putting myself in the situation, I'm one of those kinds of people who's impossible to catch. Be very aware of your surroundings and pay close attention because you never know when someone may be sitting somewhere in their car or hiding behind something and secretly watching for you if you're out and about, only to show up at your door right after you just got in. If you suspect someone's hiding somewhere or you see a strange car in your neighborhood that doesn't belong, don't go home. If some stranger shows up and approaches you anywhere and says they have something for you, don't take it. I'm saying this to protect yourself and also in light of the fact there are fraudsters out there who may actually be retired wannabes out there who could easily be targeting you especially if you happened to have been awarded money and they want a piece of it

    Another thing to pay close attention to is if someone you don't know or hardly know is traveling by car and tries to get you to stop, especially if you were just in a dispute. If you see someone tried to stop you while you're commuting and you don't recognize the car or the person, hopefully you'll be able to run or you'll be on a bike or some other means of transportation if you don't have a car and you'll be able to get away. If it's someone who says they currently or previously lived near you and you never knew them for whatever reason, that's all the more reason to not stop for them, especially if you happened to be an abuse survivor anyway. Just don't let no one near you that you don't know, especially if you're a female. In my town I was approached by someone I didn't really know or hardly knew and I narrowed it down to someone I knew of long ago who was with our local sheriff department. He was driving a medical transport car that wasn't from anywhere around here and I wasn't about to let some stranger in a car anywhere near me. That car wasn't from anywhere around here which raised red flags since I didn't recognize it as I was riding my battery powered electric ebike the day the incident happened. I don't normally let strangers approach me on the street and especially if I was just through an incident with another person. It was stressful enough without this new incident. For all I know, he could've been up to just about anything and I wasn't taking that chance. I headed straight towards the street crew that was working on a nearby street and I was going to alert them but thankfully I lost the car before I got there

  • Jeffrey Richardson

    My brother has passed the bar. He is very proud of this fact. He should not use this great achievement for his own grandiose view of his life's works, as he has done in the past. The law enforcement tax monies can be utilized elsewhere as needed.

  • Christopher Norseman

    Pretty sure without a court order and warrant (including judges signarture) you do not have to do anything.

  • Dolfo Calde III

    Hello, I just received a business card with a process server information on it. That’s states my name with “CALL URGENT” the business card is more like a soft piece of paper and looks like something made at home. Also when I looked up the phone number it gives me a street view of a house.

  • Michelle One

    Will a process server call and let you know that they are scheduled to go to your house or your work on a certain date? Because I just received a voice voicemail stating that in 2 days from today which is the 11th… they will be serving me with certified documents.. pls help?? Thank you.

  • Success4TheBest

    My proof of service says he personally served my respondant. Does that mean he saw her and personally identified her or can it mean he just left it at the door? Also.. Is the affidavit included in the proof of service paper?

  • Muhamed Touray

    I have an issue. My divorce papers were given to my sister and not me. I was also sent a mail . But I have not been served because My sister did nt give the documents to me. The mail was sent to my previous address so i did not get it on time. Then a default divorce was granted to my ex what do I do

  • Ryan Donovan

    Question, what if she refuses to give you her address and the one you found online is an old address, will the server find her new address?

  • L Perk

    What if they don't affix it to the door, can they slide it under the door? Is that the same effect or does but have to be affixed to the door.

  • nothosaur

    How does a Plaintiff serve someone who lives in another state? (They had a contract in State A, Defendant then moved to State B. How does the Plaintiff serve that Defendant?)

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