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Walking today Dreaming of tomorrow
Not sure what yesterday means
Seeking Searching Yearning
The answer has always been there The solution has been around for ages
The very thing that is so sought after is already within
Every moment, every experience, every step Building, creating, forming, molding A destiny, a future, a calling so beyond yet so close to grasp The same power that rose Christ from the dead is within YOU! Every person, created in the image and likeness of God has God given dominion implanted within It’s so vital for us to walk out our God given authority, impacting and influencing every sphere of society Kingdom Domain College desires for sons of the kingdom to arise… they are those who are kingdom minded, full of Holy Spirit power, activated on the territory of their gift to impact and influence the world. KDC is that atmosphere or environment specifically created to cultivate each student into the calling God has designed for them. The idea behind the 9 month program is representative of a woman who carries her child, protected & nourished in her womb until the child is born. KDC is that spiritual womb cherishing and raising up men and women of God, who will then step out into destiny.
We are passionate to raise up healthy leaders those who know their identity as sons of God heirs to His kingdom Those that carry the very DNA of Father Himself. They are forerunners they are those who will pave the way to take the gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. They are those that will not fear vulnerability, embracing a lifestyle of openness & transparency embodying the very heart of the Father in every detail of everyday life. You are sons and daughters of the most high God with a calling and design from the Creator of the universe Himself Step in to the most radical rewarding season of your life! Dedicate a year …
To walk out a passionate pursuit of God To Release the kingdom into every sphere
to go into all the world
Will you answer the call?
Are you ready to advance the kingdom?

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