Kid Periodic Table Expert Finn Shows Off His Impressive Knowledge
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Kid Periodic Table Expert Finn Shows Off His Impressive Knowledge

You look sharp, man. It’s good to meet you. How are you? I’m good. The last time you were here,
I heard Ellen gave you a gift. She gave you a really
expensive element. Is that right? Yeah. What was that? It was platinum. She gave you solid platinum? Yeah. Yeah, it was about this big. If you haven’t watched the
previous time I was on, then this is what it looked. Then it looked like– then it was a size about this. What do you suppose
something like that is worth? Oh, last time I– well, when I– it said $1,800,
but I’ve had it for a year now, so it probably
got more valuable. So valuable things. You keep them in a
safe place, I hope. Yeah. Where do you keep them? I keep them in a safe. In a safe. It’s under one of the laundry
bins in my room, and the key– [LAUGHTER] And the key is under this
mug of markers I have. OK. Where’s the mug of markers in
reference to the– if I were to go find the– It’s on my shelf. Up high. So I would have to look up high. Yeah. OK. And then if I were
to find the safe, would I want to get in
there, or what have you done? I heard you put
something on the safe to keep people from opening it. Is that true? Yes. I put on a label that
said even more cheap crap. [LAUGHTER] So we know what’s inside. And it said “maggot
cheese inside.” Well, who wants that, right? So even if I do find the key and
I do know where your safe is, I’m not going to want
to go in there anyway. Yeah. No platinum in there. Yeah. I figured that I
should repel thieves– OK. –or at least make
them think twice. That’s right. That’s right. I want to take that note. So are you still interested
in the periodic table? I mean, I’m partly over it,
but I still remember it. OK. I have pretty good
short-term memory, but excellent long-term
memory, and I might keep it for 10 more years. Is it possible for
me to quiz you on it to see how much you remember? Is that cool? Yeah. OK. Because I got my own right here. If I gave you a
number, would you be able to tell me
what the element was? Yeah. All right. How about 20? Oh, that would be calcium. 48? Cadmium. Wow. And what exactly is the– what are the letters? What do you call them? What do you call– The atomic symbol. What’s the atomic symbol? For which one? For 48, cadmium. Cadmium. Cadmium, sorry. How do you spell cadmium? C-A-D-M-I-U-M. Wow. Amazing. And what is the usage– [APPLAUSE] What is the usage for
that particular element? I’m not even sure
I’ve ever heard of it. It’s pretty toxic, so
it doesn’t have much. And it’s probably– it’s primary
use would be NiCd batteries. Oh, I know what that is. How did you get so interested
in this, by the way? Are you just– you’re
fascinating to me. What made you look
at this and be like, I got to learn everything
there is to know about this? Because I would like
to have that brain. I used to be interested in math. Not anymore, though? You’ll just use that later too? I’m very good at math,
actually, and I’m still pretty interested in it. OK. All right. And then I learned
that chemistry had a lot of math, so– OK. Let’s do one more. Let’s do one more. Number 9. Number 9 is fluorine. Its symbol is F, and it’s used
in your everyday toothpaste. [LAUGHTER] All right. That’s great. But you have other
interests, right? Yeah. Isn’t that right? I heard something about– you created your own board game. Is that true? Yeah. Yeah. It’s a possible casino game. Really? Yeah. That’s amazing. And you’ve been you’re
interested in anagrams, is that right? Yes. And what is that? What is an anagram? Explain that. An anagram is when– a word that can
make another word– Got it– from the same letters. –when you change the
position of the letters. So in other words, words you can
make by using the same letters. So if I gave you a few, you’d
be able to do it, you think? Yeah. OK. I got a few for you. How about the word listen? Silent. OK. Is that in order, or is that– How about fried? Fired. Wow. This is incredible. We want to help you build your
board game collection here– Yeah. –so we brought
something out for you. OK. Ready for this? Yeah. All right. Let’s do it. Come on. See what we got. [APPLAUSE] This is for you. This is cool. What do you think? [APPLAUSE] Yeah. [CHEERING] Yay! What do you think? Good. Good stuff? Yeah. All right. Which one is your favorite
over there, you think? Scrabble. There we go. All right. Well, here we go. We got a happy kid. We’ll be right back. OK.

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