Kevin Hart FaceTimes Dwayne Johnson While Co-Hosting The Tonight Show
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Kevin Hart FaceTimes Dwayne Johnson While Co-Hosting The Tonight Show

-And I’m very, very excited that you’re here tonight.
-I’m excited to be here, man. You know, Jimmy,
first and foremost, dude, I’m too pumped up.
You know I’ve been telling everybody about this,
but there’s one person — there’s one person
I forgot to tell. Do you mind if I — if I make
a FaceTime real quick? Just real quick, I promise.
-You’re gonna FaceTime somebody? -Yeah, I just forgot
to tell one person. -Who you gonna FaceTime? -Oh, you know,
just a close friend of mine. Somebody I’m very close to.
You may know him — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. [ Cheering ]
-I’ma FaceTime him. -I know him.
We love Dwayne Johnson. -Listen, he’s not gonna be able
to believe that I’m here. Watch this. Watch. He’s gonna be so pumped up
that I’m here tonight, man. Wait — Wait until he picks up. I know he’s gonna be pumped up
about it. Hold on. Wait a second. Hold on. One second. Let me thank you —
Let me just try him. -Maybe he’s driving or
something. -No, he’s not driving.
He’s got a chauffeur. That guy’s — He’s got a lot
of people to drive for him. He’s just —
He probably didn’t see it. Give him 2 minutes,
he’ll pick up. Watch, he’s gonna pick up. Wait a second, I’m gonna try him
again, watch this. Watch this. He’s gonna —
He’s gonna go crazy, watch this. As soon as he picks up — like 2
seconds — he’s gonna go — He’s gonna go crazy. The fact that I’m here…
-We can edit. -That you’re here.
-We can edit all this out. -No, you don’t have to — -We can edit all this out.
-You don’t have to edit it out. Just give me a second.
That’s crazy. That’s honestly crazy, ’cause
normally he picks up… -I have his number.
-…in like 2 seconds. What? -I have his number.
-You know Dwayne like that? You got his nu–
-Yeah, I can — -Well, he’s not gonna pick up.
He’s busy. You can try, but I doubt that he
picks up the phone. He would’ve picked up for me. I’ll text him. I’ma text him — -Hey! [ Cheering ] -[ Laughing ] Hey, buddy!
-Hey! Dwayne! What’s up?
What’s up, pal? -What’s going on, Jimmy?
How you doing, brother? -Everything’s great, man.
I just, uh… Yeah, I just — I just figured
I’d — I’m doing the show.
I just figured I’d FaceTime you, see what you’re doing.
Are you busy. -Aww…
-Are you busy? -Well, I’m just getting ready to
head to work. I’m going to shoot the
“Titan Games”, which you know. -Oh, that’s right, “Titan Games”
on NBC. That’s great.
-Yeah, on NBC. It’s cool. I wanted to make something that
was big and fun. By the way, like our nickname,
’cause we’re best friends. Big and Fun, you know what I
mean? -Absolutely.
-[ Chuckles ] -That’s right.
-Man, but hey, it’s crazy — It’s crazy you were just
FaceTiming me. Kevin Hart was FaceTiming me.
Just — He continues to text. He just FaceTimed me like two
times. I’m like, “Dude, end. End it.” [ Laughter ] You know what’s crazy?
-Yeah? -Look — about Kevin — and I
know you shooting the show and the audience will love, too, ’cause they probably feel the
same way. Kevin, to me, is like a little
gremlin that… [ Laughter, applause ] …I just want to take him and
throw him into oncoming traffic. -[ Stammering ] Oh, yeah,
Dwayne, it’s good to talk to you, buddy, and we
love you. -Aww, I love you back.
-I was just checking in on you. Just wanted to make sure
everything’s cool, man. -Oh, hey, one more thing, dude. Of course, the most important
thing. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
-Ah! ♪♪ -The best! You’re the best, buddy! Thank you so much.
-Yeah! -I’ll talk to you later! -Alright, man! Love you, man!
-Bye, buddy. Bye-bye. [ Whoo’s ] Uh… [ Laughter ] He wasn’t there.
It went straight to voicemail. [ Laughs ] It wasn’t —
-I heard the whole conversation! -Oh, yeah, give it up for
Dwayne Johnson, everybody! We’ll be right back with more
of “The Tonight Show” with me and Kevin Hart! [ Cheering ]


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