Kelly Ripa Looks Back on Co-Hosting LIVE with Donald Trump
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Kelly Ripa Looks Back on Co-Hosting LIVE with Donald Trump

-Last time you were here, you
were a solo host on your show. You did not have
a permanent co-host, and now you have
Mr. Ryan Seacrest. -Yes.
-Congratulations. -Thank you very much.
-Are you — Yeah, give it up for Ryan,
everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] Is it nice to have
someone permanent? Because you basically
would just — you would be — You would cycle
through guest hosts. I’ve guest-hosted.
-Oh, yeah. -And you have to be the host not
just of the guests on the show, but you also have to kind of,
like, help the co-host. -Well, first of all,
Ryan is like my dream. And he’s been a friend of mine
for 15 years. So it’s nice to go to work
with your friends. It’s great. But it’s weird. I would find myself constantly
being terrified of getting sick or falling ill
or getting near — If somebody coughed
on the street, I would hold my breath
for 10 seconds. Because as you know, 10 seconds
is as long as it takes for germs to evaporate. -A cough —
A cough only lives 10 seconds. -Yes. A sneeze on the subway
is like 45 seconds to a minute. And you’re like… -I think currently
on the New York subway, sneezes are living 45 minutes. -Probably they could,
they could. And then I would find myself
constantly worrying about, you know, knowing everything. Not everything — I just mean
knowing who the guests were and what time it was and how many seconds
three minutes are in real — You know what I mean?
-Yeah. -You have to really host
a talk show to know, do I ask this question, or is this long-winded person
going to give me a — -Absolutely.
That’s a big part of it. Because someone is telling you
how much time you have left. -Exactly.
Right, right. -And so it was weird, because
I feel like you were — the show was like a child, and you had a different
co-parent every day. -And a different co-parent. -And they would show up and say,
“Is he allergic to nuts?” -[ Laughs ] -You’d be like, yes. -“What are we taking
to the school potluck?” -So, this is very exciting.
-Yeah, it’s nice. -Now, you had many co-hosts.
-Yes. -And I’ve done it. Fred Savage, who’s
our next guest, has done it. -Yes.
Fred Savage has done it. -In 2006, you had a co-host. He was a very famous
television star at the time. He’s now President
of the United States. -Yeah, yeah. -I’m just curious,
how was he as a co-host? -You’re welcome, everybody.
-Yeah. -You’re welcome. He was great as a co-host. You know what’s crazy? He was talking about
running for president then. -Yeah.
-Then. And I remember actively having
this conversation with him. I said — He said, “Everybody
wants me to run for president.” -And I said, “Who?” [ Laughter ] And he was like,
“You know, everybody, because I know, you know,
I’m good with dealing — all of my business dealings,
I’m a negotiator.” And I said, “But why would you
want to do that? Why would you want to give up
your life, which is so good? You’re not going to be able
to go to Florida anymore. You’re not going to be able
to golf every weekend.” -Right.
-And I was wrong. Like, you can do that.
-Yeah. You were —
-Yeah. -In principle, you were right. -In theory, I was right, but now I realize that I’m an
idiot and none of that is true. -No, I will say,
if there’s anyone who has made me feel
like an idiot more, it is this gentleman right here,
because — -He proves you wrong every time. -He proves you wrong
all the time. -Yeah, every time.
-But he was a good host? He wasn’t, like, nervous
or anything? He wasn’t like,
“I hope I was okay today.” -No, he was a great —
No, he was — He came out, and he was like,
“This is going to be the biggest-rated show
you ever have in your life.” And I was like, “Oh, my God.
That’s amazing.” -You guys always do fantastic
Halloween costumes on the show, and you trumped it up this year. -I trumped it up, yes, I know. -Did you hear from him?
Did you get any feedback? -I didn’t get any feedback from
him, which I was thankful for. Because — Because after,
you know, I heard that there was problems with Melissa McCarthy’s
portrayal of Sean Spicer, and I heard life became hard because a woman
was portraying him, and then I was like,
“Oh, my gosh, if he finds out
a woman portrayed him, what’s going to happen?” But then I realized,
like, I mean, you know,
I’m like Peter Pan at best. So I guess I — I guess he didn’t have to
fire himself over that. -Yeah, he got it, he got it.
He survived — He survived that. -He survived me playing him.


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