Kelly Clarkson On Hosting The 2018 Billboard Music Awards | BBMAs 2018
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Kelly Clarkson On Hosting The 2018 Billboard Music Awards | BBMAs 2018

– There’s a lot of amazing female artists tonight performing. – Yes.
– Yeah, it’s kinda crazy. – Led by you, our host of the show. – Thank you.
– No pressure. Your hair looks a little different, looks a little bit shorter. – It is, mine is actually
all braided underneath, except the very top is mine. – Really.
– This is all weave. – All Hollywood magic. – Yep.
– Wow. – I might have a different length at the beginning of the show. – Ooh, there’s a hair reveal.
– Yes. – Yes, I heard there’s something special you have cooked up for
the top of the show, but I can’t say what it is. – There is, I know, it’s a surprise. Well, we were trying to navigate
how I would do a monologue. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause I’m not a comedian and I can’t sit there and roast artists. – Sure you are, yeah you are.
– No, I mean. – You’re funny.
– No, I know, but even things you wanna say you can’t say ’cause I’ll just look
like a turd. (laughs) – Alright, so after tonight
you’re a very busy lady ’cause tomorrow night you’re
going back to The Voice. – Yes.
– Two-part finale. What advice are you
giving to Brynn right now? – You know what, the same advice I’ve given to all of them the whole time is literally have a good time. She’s now made it to the, as far as you can on the
show if you won or not. It’s just the last two shows, regardless. And she’s got a killer first
single that we just recorded. Justin Tranter, Julia
Michaels, Nick Monson- – Who’s here.
– I know, Jesse Shatkin produced it. It’s a killer team and
she did an amazing job and she’s performing it tomorrow, so Team Brynn for the win.
– Yes. And, you know, another competition show that used to be on, American Idol, – Yeah.
– is up against you guys. Is there friendly competition, friendly rivalry between you guys? – I mean, I think it’s all fun. I don’t look at it like that, I mean I guess ’cause I’m in both worlds maybe, but I think it’s all fun. It’s all entertainment, and it’s all people getting a shot at their dreams, so nothing’s bad, you know.
– No, course not. – And we have DVR, so
you can do both. (laughs) – And there’s rumblings
that you’re going on tour. We know that.
– Yes. – Later this year.
– We are. We just announced that I am joining the next season of The Voice, so we’re still trying to figure out dates for the beginning and the end of my tour, like just to make sure,
– But it’s happening. – Oh, no, no, no, it’s happening. It’s actually routed, we’re
just waiting on a couple shows on the beginning and
end, the bookends, so. But it’s happening,
and it’s gonna be good. – Can’t wait to see
you on the road, Kelly, and good luck tonight. – Thank you, I’m a hugger.
– I know. – Okay, bye. – Bye, watch your step, ooh, careful. You have a whole dress and everything.


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