Kelly Clarkson Interviews Ellen for the ‘The Kelly Show’
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Kelly Clarkson Interviews Ellen for the ‘The Kelly Show’

We decided that she would
be a great talk show host and I want her to
be a talk show host. We didn’t. But OK. Yes, we did. And so we thought
we would give you, especially because you’re so
nervous about The Billboard Awards. This is prep. That we would give
you a desk and you’re going to interview me. It’s your own show, it’s
the Kelly Clarkson Show. I get a desk? All right? Oh, I’m moving. Yeah. I get a desk! Yeah. [APPLAUSE] With a button. With a red button. And you have your own cup,
look it’s The Kelly Show. [LAUGHTER] Look at that. Wait. I wish this button, like
if you didn’t like a guest, you could push it and they
just got ejected or something. I’ve wished that many times. Or like down a hole. You could do that if
you have your own show. OK. OK. Hey what’s up y’all,
welcome to The Kelly Show. [MUSIC – KELLY CLARKSON,
“HEARTBEAT SONG”] This is my heartbeat song and
I’m going to play it. Turned it on but I know
you can take it up, up, up, up all night long. Oh, up, up, up all night long. Here she is now. Kelly Clarkson. [APPLAUSE] Y’all! I am so excited to
welcome my first guest. She’s the queen of daytime,
the queen of kindness, the queen in my life. I love her. She loves to scare
people, that part sucks. But please welcome
Ellen DeGeneres. No, thank you everybody. [APPLAUSE] I have wine. What are you having? I’m having some water. Some water? Water and wine,
we’re like Jesus. Water and wine like Jesus. Yes. I have to take a sip to calm
down because I’m nervous. OK so I have– I don’t know much about you. I don’t know you at all, Ellen. So my first question
is, if you had to pick your favorite person
that’s ever come on this show, who would it be? Oh, god, there’s so many people. Are there? Yeah, I mean, there’s
P!nk, there’s Alicia Keys, there’s god, Scarlett
Johansson, there’s, I mean, Chris Hemsworth is– Seriously! [LAUGHTER] OK. You. Good job. [APPLAUSE] No, I love all those people. I think our love of P!nk
is similar, I love her. I love her too. I think she’s so rad, as
a human and a performer. OK, so now when did you
know that you wanted to be, I know you’ve probably
been asked this question, but when did you know that you
wanted to be a talk show host? Because it’s very different
from just standing up and doing comedy. Right. When they offered it to me, I
was like, that’s a good idea. [LAUGHTER] I was like, that
sounds like fun. No, no, no, I’ve always loved
them, I mean, when I was, you know, growing up as a
kid, I loved talk shows. I watched, you know, Johnny
Carson and I watched, you know, all the talk shows that
were on David Letterman. And so I always thought
it would be a fun job, but I never thought I would
do it until I ran out of jobs. [LAUGHTER] OK, before we go. You know my classic bit. You know it from The Kelly Show. It’s time for Kelly’s Karaoke. Oh, OK. I’m going to press this
button, the magical button. And when it lands
on a song, we’ll sing it together because we
sing beautifully together. We sure do. Are we going to harmonize again? Yes. OK. OK. Here we go. Oh, wait. Here we go. OK. Oh, I love that song. I will be offended if
you don’t know this song. OK. All right. Just kidding. OK when– is it going to start? I guess it’ll start. It’ll start. [MUSIC – KELLY CLARKSON, “SINCE
U BEEN GONE”] So tough. Angst. Here’s the thing. We started out friends. It was cool but it
was all pretend. Yeah, yeah. Come on. [AUDIENCE] Since you been gone. Dang! [LAUGHTER] You dedicated,
you took the time. You’re good at this. Wasn’t long until
I called you mine. Yeah, yeah. Since you been gone. Come on! And all you’d ever hear me say
is how I pictured me with you. You know the words. Because all you’d
ever hear me say. Sing it! [AUDIENCE] But
since u been gone. What! I can breath for the first time. I’m so moving. on. Yeah, yeah. Thanks to you now
I get what I want. Wine. Since you been gone. The whole song. Yeah, we do the whole song here. OK. How can I put it? Let’s go. You put me on. I even fell for that
stupid love song. Yeah, yeah. Since you been gone. Here we go. How come I’d never hear you say. I just wanna be with you. I guess you never felt that way. But since you’ve been gone I
can breathe for the first time. I’m so moving on. Yeah, yeah. Thanks to you– The bridge is coming. –now I get– This is tough. –what I want. Are you ready? Since you been gone. You had the chance you blew it. Out of sight, out of mind. More angst! Shut your mouth I just can’t
take it again, and again, and again, and again. I don’t– No. No. [APPLAUSE] Kelly Clarkson! [APPLAUSE]


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