Karlie Kloss on Hosting Project Runway for a New Generation
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Karlie Kloss on Hosting Project Runway for a New Generation

-And I want to say
congratulations. You’ve gotten married
since you’ve been here. -Yes, I got married.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Congratulations.
-Thank you. -Congratulations on that.
-I love it. -I love even how
you just walk out. You just walk out
like a supermodel. -Hey, you know, those runways
are good practice for this. -Yeah, I walk out,
and I would just walk. -No, no, no, you don’t walk.
You walk. -It’s fantastic. I just love it. You actually just did the —
walk the runway in Paris. -Yeah, it was just
Paris fashion week. I just got back.
Had an amazing time. -Look at this.
Look at this here. -Yes, this happened. This was quite a dress. -This is all part of the dress? -Oh, yeah. You can see
there’s like five people helping me just carry this.
-How long is the train? -This dress, I think
it was like 25, 30 feet. Something crazy, I know. And everywhere I walked, I,
like, swept the floors with me. -Of course, exactly. -I don’t think anyone else
in the world is tall enough
to wear this dress. I don’t know. Maybe there’s
a customer out there for that. -That feels like a workout. -It was. It was.
It was fun. It was fun. -That’s wild.
-I know. I like my job. -Well, it’s a lot of work. -I now have a new appreciation
for your host– you know, being a host
myself now. -Oh, yeah, because I want to get
into this, “Project Runway.” -Yes. -But I — well, I mean,
let’s talk about it now. -No, I mean, we can talk about
fashion all day. It’s a fun job. And I, at Paris fashion week,
got to walk in some of my shows, got to sit and watch some of
my shows. It was fun. -Oh, you actually
got to sit and watch? -I did. I did.
-Well, do you like that? That’s an interesting move. -You know what? -Do the models normally
get to do that? -Sometimes. I love walking in runway shows, but I got to sit at
a couple shows. And I sat next to Oprah.
-Hey! -Personal hero, yes, Oprah. -That’s right. I mean, come on.
-Oprah. -Yeah, the one and only Oprah. Hello.
-Hello. -Have you ever met Oprah before? -I had met her once,
but she’s amazing. She’s my hero. -Do you still do
Kode with Klossy? -I do. Thank you for asking.
-I love that. -I do do Kode with Klossy, yes. -Tell me a little about that
because I have two little girls, and I love this idea. -You should send your girls
to our camps. I run a program
called Kode with Klossy. We teach girls
how to code for free. And we’re launching our program
across the United States. [ Cheers and applause ] So anybody who wants to learn
how to code this summer — -I love it.
I think it’s so great. -Thank you. -It’s just growing and getting
bigger and bigger. -Yeah, it’s amazing. We work and we have
these amazing camps. These brilliant girls
who are learning how to code and changing the world. -Do you enjoy being the host or
do you enjoy judging at all? -All of it. -Because you’re doing
a little bit of both. -Yeah, I’m doing a little bit of
everything, and I love that. You know, being a host
on “Project Runway” has really, really been so fun. I mean, I grew up
watching the show. And it’s this amazing platform
for these young designers to really showcase
their talents. And I was excited
to be a part of it. I mean, I first watched it when
I was 12 years old, and now, I am the host of it, and I got
to executive-produce it, and so I got to bring
all of my experience over the past 10 years
to the show, and to kind of creating
challenges that help, you know, reflect what’s happening
in the fashion industry today. -Yeah, because this one, the way
it’s a little bit different than it has been in the past is that you’re seeing
that these designers, beyond just designing
beautiful outfits and fashion, but they’re also entrepreneurs. And they’re thinking
of a business. -Yes, and there’s so much. I mean, being a designer
in the world today, you have to think about
social media. You have you to think about,
you know, building your brand in this digital landscape. So we have challenges. And things called
flash sale challenges. So basically, the audience in
real time can say and vote on which dress they like best. And that dress will be made
into a garment that you can actually buy.
-Wow. -So that’s cool. -I think that’s probably,
like, the future of TV. -Yeah, and you know, a really
important conversation that’s finally being had
in fashion too is inclusivity and diversity. And we have women of all shapes
and sizes on our runway, because fashion should serve
women of all shapes and sizes. -Absolutely. Sure.
[ Cheers and applause ] I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Karlie Kloss in the new
season of “Project Runway.” Take a look at this. -Designers today
must be business-savvy. Marketing, branding,
and e-commerce are essential to becoming
a successful designer, which brings us to a new part of
“Project Runway.” This challenge is
a flash sale challenge. In select challenges
throughout this competition, America is going to vote on
the look that you make. The winning look that the judges
pick and the fan-favorite look will be manufactured on demand
by 19th Amendment and sold on bravotv.com. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s great.
-Thank you. -You get to break
this new talent, which I think is one of the best
parts of having the show, when you get to see new talent
and people come out and grow
and become famous and — -And this is an amazing platform
for these designers, and the winner
also gets a CFDA mentorship.


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