Justin Hartley Gets a Surprise from His ‘This is Us’ Co-Stars
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Justin Hartley Gets a Surprise from His ‘This is Us’ Co-Stars

Someone told me– I don’t
know who– but someone told me I had a couple of other
messages waiting for me. Yeah. OK, let’s check them out. Justin’s hosting Ellen. I know you’re going to be
absolutely fantastic, bro. Can’t wait to see the show. Go ahead and murder it for me. Peace. Justin, I am so excited that
you are hosting Ellen today. This is amazing. Because Ellen and you
are so much alike. You are both full of goodness,
and you are full of kindness. Hey, Justin, so excited that
you’re hosting the Ellen show today. I know you’re going to be great. I know, without a
shadow of a doubt. But if you find yourself losing
the crowd or getting nervous, you can always dance
or take your shirt off. I think that would
win them over. Mom’s always with
the good advice. Thank you very much,
Sterling, Susan, Mandy– three of
my favorite people. So obviously, all of
us are on This Is Us. And we have some of the
best fans in the world. They get really creative. And it turns out some of
them create sort of, like, their own stuff, their
own themed products. And they sell them on Etsy. And so here are a
few that I found. First up, we have a– it’s a
wine glass with a picture of me on it. You’re never drinking alone
when you’re drinking out of a Justin Hartley wine glass. Unless, of course,
you’re me, and then you’ve never been lonelier. What do we got– no, next. Next, we have an unofficial
coloring and activity book which includes a
word search crossword puzzle and lots of pictures to
color in, like this one of me. Here we go. And I remember that scene. I remember being,
like– so we were talking about some stuff that
was really fun and exciting. We were having a good time. We were laughing a lot. It was– no. It was This is Us. We’re not doing any
of those things. We were crying. It was sad. Finally, we have this right
here, which this is amazing. This is a beautiful, if I do
say so myself, pillowcase. That’s right. It’s got a picture of me on it. And it’s only $14.99,
which is great. You can sleep with
me for $14.99. It’s just like when
I was in college. Yep. You can find all of
these products on Etsy, or you can find them
in my mom’s living room because she made them all. This is Us is in
its fourth season. So if you’re not
familiar with the show– yeah, we just kicked
off our fourth season. If you’re not very familiar with
the show, I play Kevin Pearson. And the show–
basically, it flashes back to when I was a kid. And at the beginning
of the show, we didn’t quite have the
budget that we have now. So fun fact here. I actually had to
play my younger self. Most people didn’t notice it. But I think we have a
clip of that, if we can– let me see if you guys notice. No. Jack. Really? What? I had to go wash my
hands because you had me cutting the onions. No. It’s ruined. Dad never turned the oven on. He should have used a crock pot. Nah. Kevin, I will cook that
and we can eat it tomorrow. No. Now we’re never
going to have dinner. And you and dad are going
to get a divorce, which will be tough on me
because I’m obviously nine. No, no, no. No, Kevin, we’re not. Kevin, come here. Kevin, no. Your dad and I are
not getting divorced. You’re not, Mommy? No. Never, ever. Look at me. Never. Really? Never. OK. Well, I’ll go do my homework now
because 4th grade is not easy.


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