Just How Fast is WPX Hosting Support? (Live Case Study!)
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Just How Fast is WPX Hosting Support? (Live Case Study!)

hey everyone it’s Arye from IMPromoCoder dot com and today I wanted to shoot a really quick video and to see
and demonstrate how fast is really the wpx hosting support. I’ve been using the
WPX hosting for a little over two years now and I’m obviously happy with them
because I recently just renewed my annual license so the thing with support
is a lot of times when we buy products and specifically hosting accounts if
you’re just buying the account or setting up support is gonna be very
attentive to you if they see you’re in a checkout process you’re gonna get
support immediately but what happens when you’re an existing client I know
that when I was a hostgator client it could take a long long long time
sometimes I would just give up and send an email and get a reply in a couple of
days about this very serious issues I had so let’s test WPX
hosting, I don’t really have a support claim right now so I apologize to the
team that I waste their time but I just wanted to show you how long it’s gonna
take to get a response first let’s see just what time it is I’m on Pacific time
so it’s 5:39 and support is in Bulgaria so in Bulgaria it is 3:39 am not the best
time right so which means the best time to test them 3:39 a.m. all right let’s
see Bianca all right and we got a response just tell her I
think I managed and I won’t waste any of your time but I just want to mention
that the support you’re getting the live support even when you’re logged in and
you’re a customer it’s not just the gatekeeper to take your support claim
and you know just to transfer it to someone else and basically with that
live support I was able a couple of months ago to move my website from an
HTTP to HTTPS get an SSL for free by the way that’s something that WPX
hosting supports and provides for free so if you have a light to medium support
needs you’re gonna get reply and a resolution probably within 10 15 30
seconds and if it’s something much more serious
obviously the ticket it’s kind is gonna get the ticket is gonna be escalated so
that’s all for today just wanted to shoot a really quick video to show you
how fast is the support at WPX hosting we at IMPromoCoder dot com have a
an exclusive coupon for new customers so check out the link below for the coupon

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