• lennyhome

    A hunderd billion dollars is affordable by the NSA and that means any crypto is already broken and nobody should not listen to Bruce Schneier because he might be a sellout.

  • Snaka

    That is ignorant thinking, trust the math of cryptography. Math doesn't lie.

    NSA absolutely has used their muscle to implement backdoors (see RSA) but that does not mean they have broken all encryption by any means.

  • Sampan Chakraborty

    D-Wave produced similar videos but I liked the entanglement frontier technology,Quantum cryptography part etc.QKD or Quantum key distribution can be used here to detect long distance Quantum cryptography [email protected]

  • lennyhome

    Dear genius, what the math says is that that the NSA can afford a quantum computer today and that a quantum computer can break very long codes.

  • SmartYourTube

    The first person to encode a quantum program to answer the question of the universe to be 42 should be rewarded one huge cookie!
    "But how was it computed?"
    "You will never know, for if you look at the computation then you are ruining it!"

  • stonehenge2.0

    Such a great talk, really appreciate it. Lots of bad resources about Q computation, this helped me understand much better.

  • Chris Port

    This limerick has been driving me mad all morning. Partly because the physics makes my brain decohere. But mostly because I can't get the bloody thing to scan properly 😀

    Decoherent Limerick

    There was a pissed quantum computer
    whose qubits got fuzzy to cohere.
    When they asked "Are you sure
    that that's the answer?"
    it said "Yes, but don't ask how I got here."

  • rRobert Smith

    @ time  1:04 -06  out side np …..  would that include weather, and other chaotic systems?  Could you check a Quantum computer with different runs of the same problem, aka statistical  averaging?

  • ThatGuyKappa

    The famous E=mc2 equation basically says mass is energy and energy is mass so why are people surprised or confused about young's double slit experiment ? Thats where a single photon or atom behaves like an energy wave and creates an interference pattern, but everyone accepts Einstein's equation of e=mc2, so why is it that people can't accept, or see when mass scaled down to it's truly fundamental state is energy, but guess what? This is what string theory says exactly that beyond the atomic level is ubber tiny vibrating string or circle shaped energy, even today people have failed to see how to prove string theory, the big hurdle is since its soo small how can we see it? Well we can't directly see it, but!!! We can see it's effects,it's shadows, or its fingerprints, how? Well soo far scientists have trying to use the large (lhc) hydron collider to prove or disprove it, but I say it's already been proven, how? I say look at Young's two slit experiment and keep Einstein's equation of E=mc2 in mind, and you realize "hey doesn't it seem like the single atom or photon act like a wave?" What also makes waves? Energy!!! Bingo!!! The interference pattern will emerge like it was made by energy waves because in essence it is energy, look at it like this the smaller you go the closer you get to the division or definition btwn energy or mass or you can look at it as a countinous bridge btwn the two. So exactly what happens on how the interference pattern is created by one single atom sent through at a time? Since an atom at that level is now crossing or has crossed the threshold btwn beeing effected by classical physics or energy waves physics, it will now follow and act like energy waves basically it's creating a standing vibration energy wave,and when it travels those waves travel along with it wherever it goes in spacial demension of energy, because energy is everywhere unless you can cool to absolute zero which i now believe the energy limit or void of it then just maybe it wont create or ride on energy waves, but getting to absolute zero is impossible as of now, hence when it travels through the two slits it creates two waves and they clash and even cancel some of one another out, and thus you get the interference pattern……. So in conclusion String Theory is proven, and this will explain everything aka Dark matter, Dark energy, and quantum physics which is now basically from what ive seen is gone since it only is one slice of the effects of string theory, and what scienctists have only done before for to explain quantum mechanics is basically calculating the probability or the shadow of string theory in young's two slit experiment. The last piece of the puzzle put into place or rather the pieces put together at last we can finally realize the big picture… Did I blow anyone's mind? Nobel prize people i await my acceptance of the award lol

  • Stephen 777

    Just a load of bragging. The reality is that quantum computing is illogical nonsense. These con-artists are just sucking up tax payers money to play with expensive toys.

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