Joe Rogan’s Double Standard For Sam Seder EXPLAINED
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Joe Rogan’s Double Standard For Sam Seder EXPLAINED

>>This week, there’s been this huge brouhaha
between Carlos Maza of Vox and Steven Crowder who is a professional victim and a one trick
pony. And he’s only claim to fame is trying to harass
people to the point that they finally take action and try to get YouTube to deplatform
him. And then of course, once they tried to deplatform
him, he pretends as if his free speech rights are being violated, and that he’s really this
great guy and he’s just a comedian. He’s not funny, he’s not talented, again,
he’s a one trick pony. We all know this, we covered the story this
week. Now there is a development. Recently, David Pakman, who’s a progressive
and a friend of the show, went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and this topic came up. And they brought up or I should say, Rogan
brought up the harassment toward Dave Rubin, take a look.>>Is that different in you opinion than someone
signaling something out for what you believe is their mental incompetency?>>Well, mental incompetent, do you mean that
they’re ignorant?>>You’re mocking me.>>Or that they’re mentally ill or cognitively
limited?>>Mocking, no just cognitively limited. Mocking their ability to think. Mocking their intelligence, mocking their
decisions, mocking the way they talk. And then encouraging other people to do the
same thing, and then that person gets harassed, based on their intelligence, based on their
performance on particular YouTube videos and conversations. And there’s an active harassers, there’s people
that do that. Is there a difference between say, what Sam
Seder does to Dave Rubin?>>What did Sam do to Dave Rubin?>>He has-
>>I don’t know that I’ve seen that video.>>Dozens of videos, don’t say that video. He has dozens of videos where he’s just dunking
on Dave Rubin.>>So I will say that Sam Seder and Michael
Brooks do have dozens of videos where they dunk on Dave Rubin. Dave Rubin does not have any type of mental
health condition.>>Yeah.>>Right? Dave Rubin is a perfectly healthy human, who
has decided to be a grifter. So the dunking is about the fact that Dave
Rubin is a grifter. It’s not about the fact that he’s gay. It’s not about the way he looks. It’s not any of that. It’s about his incredibly lazy grifting, because
he doesn’t even do the leg work to educate himself on the talking points necessary to
be a grifter.>>Right, you’re asking is there a difference
between going after people based on who they are verses what they do?>>Right.>>And the answer is yes.>>You just described it.>>That’s the difference.>>Right.>>Dave Rubin whom I used to know, somebody
that I used to know, he is all what he’s chosen to do importantly. And what anyone in the same cedar, Michael
Brooks vote videos what they point out is the failings of Dave Rubin to articulate the
thought process necessary to believe what he believes and he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t understand any of these things
because he’s grifting them. He didn’t sit down and think and go, you know
what, I’ve come to a giant epiphany.>>Right.>>He’s doing a paint by numbers and he can’t
even do that.>>Yeah, you’re exactly right and yes, the
dunking happens, but the whole point of what Sam Seder and Michael Brooks do is to make
sure that they basically debunk the nonsense that they’re hearing from Dave Rubin’s show. Because Dave Rubin keeps trying to present
himself as a so called classical liberal even though there’s that notorious Reddit ask me
anything, where he couldn’t even define or explain what classical liberal means. So we bowed of it pretty early. And so it’s important for people to know like,
is the information I’m getting from this person actual information? Is this person an honest actor? And the whole point of what Sam Seder does
is to make sure that people know. This is not an honest actor. He’s not even genuine in anything he’s saying. He’s not even saying anything really, when
you listen to him.>>Remember earlier, we were talking about
like count your blessings? So these are like major, these tech companies,
but hey, it’s a company, a corporation that doesn’t want homophobia on their platform. So everyone else left, consider yourself lucky
that they allowed dumb people.>>It’s like count your blessings.>>But they do, so YouTube had this weird
thing that I don’t even fully understand yet, but essentially they said, if your primary,
they let Crowder stay up for a while. They reached out to Maza and they said, hey
we’re looking into this after Maza posted just a run of homophobic slurs and just the
word gay used. But specifically the word queer, and that
is a slur. The reason that the name of academic branches
of different universities are called Queer studies is it’s a way to reclaim a word that
was used pejoratively in the past.>>Right.>>And so there is a difference there.>>Of course.>>Crowder is using the pejorative. He is using the slur, it just hasn’t reached
that level where people don’t say it. It hasn’t reached a level like the N word
where people don’t even say it.>>Right, right.>>But Crowder is using it that way, that
shirt he’s wearing right now says, socialism is for F words. And it’s got Che Guevara with a hands doing
this and you can’t see it but he sells that on his website which he promotes through YouTube. YouTube let him keep that stuff up there,
they’re like we’re not taking it down cuz his primary reason for doing it, was debate
even though ancillary to that were the slurs. And then they turned around and demonetized
Crowder, which I don’t know how Dave Rubin defines classic liberalism or capitalism whatever. But this is like a purely capitalistic approach
where YouTube saying, well, you can have your free speech, we’re just not gonna pay you
for it.>>That’s right.>>And that’s all Dave Rubin’s in it for anyway.>>That’s right.>>That’s what Crowder’s in it for, and that’s
what Rubin’s in it for.>>So let’s go to the next video, cuz there’s
more to this story.>>So I have some as well, I believe that
they are substantive, my videos about Dave Rubin are substantive. To your first question, there is a difference
between going after someone for sexual orientation.>>Right.>>Than going after them for the fact that
they say things that are wrong or don’t know stuff, until you’re making fun of someone
who has an actual handicap of some kind. Some kind of cognitive limitation that would
be a disability of some kind, then you are mocking someone for a disability.>>But the resulting effect of the harassment. See this is what I was getting at before with
Crowder. What Crowder said was one thing, but one of
the things that Carlos Maza was just discussing, was what the people that had watched Crowder,
what they were doing, how they were going after him.>>Which if you look at Maza’s complain, that’s
not what he was complaining about. He’s like I’m not mad about that, I got pretty
think skin when it comes to this stuff.>>Who’s even complaining about Crowder?>>He’s saying like there are a lot of people,
the doxing is against policy. And if anyone doxes Dave Rubin or if anyone
doxes anybody, there should be consequences to that. It’s just frustrating to see all of these
because what Rogan’s trying to do is say what about if people are mad at Dave Rubin and
people are mad at Steven Crowder, isn’t that the same thing?>>And it’s not.>>And that’s not even remotely the point
Maza’s mad that Youtube has Rainbow flags on their logo during pride. And they have all these messages in their
terms of service saying, you can’t use homophobic slurs. And everyone just look at three comments down
in the Twitter thread or whatever. And it will be people saying, here is a screen
cap of the terms of service, and here’s how it’s violated. Maza was upset that YouTube didn’t live up
to YouTube’s own standards.>>Right, and there are by the way, we’re
on YouTube obviously, YouTube is a great platform for people who wanna do independent content. But at the same time I think part of problem
and I mention this in the original video, is that they don’t apply their guidelines
or they don’t enforce their guidelines, I think equally. And it seems like they’re doing it kind of
here and there, they’re applying it when some situations, are not applying it with other
situations. So they have to be clear, it needs to be applied
consistently. There’s a lack of consistency, and I think
that that’s also leading to a lot of frustration and anger, but I agree with both of you. I mean, to compare dunking on Dave Rubin to
what Carlos Maza went through is ridiculous. And by the way, I wanna give you a specific
example of what the dunking looks like when it comes to Dave Rubin. Again, Dave Rubin is a professional grifter
and one of the things that he did was he agreed to participate in a pro Bolsonaro propaganda
video on YouTube, right? So he does that, and then a few days later,
a week later, some time later, one of his own viewers asks him about Jair Bolsonaro
who is now, unfortunately, the elected leader of Brazil. And so he’s reading the question and he’s
like Jair Bolsonaro, and yeah, he got dunk on for that, because you’re just in a propaganda
video for him, homeboy. How do you not know who he is? You’re calling him out for the grifting. It’s not about what he looks like or the fact
that he’s gay. It’s about what he does for a living, how
dishonest he is, and also more importantly, how he won’t even do the legwork necessary
to be a good grifter.>>Right, that’s what so frustrating, it’s
like, just read up on your BS, dude, just know your BS better.>>Right, this conversation is frustrating
for me cuz its nothing. It’s a nothing burger, no, not us.>>None of these people are that stupid. I may have to take him out of that box, that
was fascinating, the Bolsonaro situation. But separate from that, I don’t think any
of these people are that stupid. They’re hateful, and but why? When someone says, hey, you know what, that’s
a little too far, that’s it. Joe Rogan, he doesn’t think that this hate
and calling someone out for doing something stupid are the same thing. He doesn’t care because he likes it, he likes
his platform, he likes what he talks. I don’t think any of these people are that
stupid.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, we’ll see I don’t know.>>We’ll see.>>And with Rogan, he does a lot of like talking
and asking and playing Devil’s advocate sometimes. But in this, I couldn’t help but get the feeling
and he was like, I’ve got you, both of these things are the same, isn’t it?>>It felt real?>>And it felt real.>>It did feel real, yeah.>>But what’s frustrating from our point of
view, is that since we’re engaging this. Since the Sam Seders and Michael Brooks and
us, when we engage this kind of stuff, we’re just trying to say, there’s ignorance out
there that they’re spreading out there, falsely and without integrity. And we have integrity, so we’re going to tell
people about it.>>But from YouTube’s point of view, now we’re
in a back and forth in the same category. And when they come to demonetize stuff, they’re
AI isn’t quite there yet. And they’re just like, we might just get rid
of all of that.>>Right, and that’s part of the issue. I mean, they rely on the algorithms to do
this, and it’s not a foolproof method, as we know, which is why they don’t apply the
standards consistently. One final thing, look, obviously, we do a
little bit of dunking on Dave Rubin as well. But I also wanna note that it took years for
us to finally respond. Dave Rubin when on Rogan’s show, and lied
about us, lied about what we do, right? He’s the one who’s been badmouthing us for
years, and it literally took at least two years for me to finally feel like, okay, I
can’t take it anymore, I need to respond.>>And to be fair, Rogan’s the one who is
like, so let me ask you some questions about your own BS. And Dave Rubin flails, so I mean it’s not
like a solely a Rogan thing, but you know when Dave Rubin gets in there, it gets very

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