Job Roles For Event Coordinator –  Hosting,Budgeting,Event Security,Arranging
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Job Roles For Event Coordinator – Hosting,Budgeting,Event Security,Arranging

Hello All..This is Akansha from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will be talking about the Job role of Event Coordinator now what will be the event coordinator actually be doing let us know the in and out of the job role Hosting big events and functions is not an
easy task at all, there are innumerable tiny details that have to be looked into so as
to ensure that everything goes off as planned and the guests are satisfied. To do the job
in a satisfactory manner, we call upon the services of any event coordinator. These skilled
professionals are experts at organizing successful events whether it is something as small as
an important business lunch or something as large as the Olympics.
Once the host of the party or event has hired the event coordinator for the job it is up
to him or her to ensure that everything goes off well so that the hosts do not regret entrusting
him with the responsibility. It is needless to say that in order to do the job properly
the coordinator should have exceptional organizational skills above everything else.
Basic requirements of the position In order to become a professional event coordinator
an individual should have bachelor’s degree in something like business administration
or event marketing. .A famous college which many aspiring event coordinators opt for is
St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata owing to the fact that it has an excellent B.Com and BBA
department. However it is only with experience that event coordinators gain insight and expand
their contacts. In addition to this there are also several event management classes
and programs that are available online. In addition to having exceptional organization
skills it is important that event coordinators have good communications skills and are able
to interact with their clients in a clear and comprehensive manner. Event Coordinators
cannot work in solitude and require a skilled team of their own, who have extensive knowledge
in the field of computers and are able to adhere to strict deadlines.
Basic job description Once event coordinators have been entrusted
with the job it is their responsibility to ensure that the event is a success. There
are a number of aspects which they have to look into and these include, the selection
of the location, budgeting, event security, drawing up guest lists, arranging for entertainers,
hiring caterers and even organizing a proper sound system. However when carrying out their
responsibility they need to make sure that they keep the hosts informed. Scope of an event coordinator
Being an event coordinator is no easy job and not everyone has what it takes, however
if you are good at it then you could earn for yourself a very handsome salary indeed.
Top event coordinators are paid in lakhs for each event which they organize. Many event
coordinators prefer to have their own businesses rather than being a part of any company. A
top event coordinator that have carved a niche for herself is, Divya Chauhan,
However some of the top event management companies in Indian include, Wizcraft International
Entertainment Pvt Industry, Pegasus Events, Reynold Weddings, Elite, Rings and Roses to
name a few. The services of event coordinators are much sought after and if this is a line
which you are interested in then you should go ahead and try your hand at it. interested to be an Event coordinator good luck folks we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below


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